Friday 8 August 2014

ASDA CD Boombox review

As soon as kids hit their teens and even tweens, it seems that the only music to interest them is digital – they'll listen to new tunes on youtube, download music to their phones and mp3 players, but not bother with buying CDs any more. I think this is a real shame – you can't sing along with the lyrics on the insert and read through the credits, acknowledgements and photos as you're listening to your idols if you haven't got a CD. You can't take your mp3s along to meet-and-greets to get them signed either !

Generations of kids have grown up without ever knowing the traditional Sunday night pastime of my teenage years – sitting down to tape the Top 40 and trying to press pause at exactly the right moment to cut off the DJ chatting over the end of the song ! As I continue this musical trip down memory lane, do you remember in the eighties, all the trendy guys in their late teens (or at least the ones who thought they were !) used to walk along the street with a huge boombox on their shoulder with music blasting out ?!

Well, when I saw this funky pink boombox at ASDA, I loved the retro vibe and was really pleased when they sent us one to check out. I originally planned on putting it in the kitchen so I could listen to my old CDs while cooking dinner but Juliette fell in love with it as soon as she set eyes on it and wanted it in her room. I think I may regret this though because she keeps telling me she hasn't got many CDs to listen to and listing all the new groups and songs that she likes !

Luckily it has an FM radio too so she can tune in to her favourite station and wait all day long until they play a One Direction song she can dance and sing along to ! I was impressed to see that it can play all CDs including CD-Rs and RWs. Juliette's favourite thing is the funky pink colour though !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £20

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Sunday night ritual was listening & taping the Top 40, trying to stop family members walking in an talking over my favourite records, they always seemed to pick the worst time to so. Great memories though.


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