Thursday 7 August 2014

Madhouse Diaries : Going round (and round and round) in Roscoff !

Roscoff, on the north coast of Brittany, is a little seaside town and ferry port (Brittany Ferries have a service to Plymouth - I used to use it when I lived in Brittany but is is a VERY long crossing, when you're used to Dover-Calais !). It is also the town where Sophie's godfather lives so, as usual, we called in for a visit. 

As I told you yesterday, we went for lunch in a crêperie (you can see it reflected in the window !) and, on the way out, the kids were transfixed by the restaurant opposite. What had caught their eye?

The big fish tank in the window where you could choose the crab or lobster you wanted to eat !

Heading down to the harbour, we came across a roundabout so the four littlies all piled on.

On the second go, Pierre managed to grab the pompom for a free ride. 

I wandered off with Sophie to look at the fish market while they had a ride.

And we got back just in time to see that he'd managed it again !

And again !

Sophie convinced us that, as she hadn't spent any money on the rides AND she hadn't had an ice cream at the crêperie, she should be allowed an ice cream here instead - she went for a local delicacy, salted caramel ice cream, which was lovely but melted very fast.

The kids were still smiling and not feeling giddy yet.

Then little Marianne managed to get the pompom, which prompted a very proud face !

Pierre had his final turn as a Coke lorry driver - I wonder if he was dreaming of the Christmas advert already !

This gave the "oldies" a well deserved rest !

I think this face means "stop taking photos, Mum" !

A quick walk around a little flea market and we headed for home.

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  1. Good choice of ice cream, Sophie! I'd go for the same flavour, it sounds scrummy. Lovely photos! Lunch at the creperie sounds just perfect

    1. I had a taste, and it was rather lovely ! ;-)


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