Sunday 10 August 2014

Madhouse Diaries : Bodiam Castle

Yesterday, we headed off to the sleepy village of Bodiam in Sussex.

 It's only a small place but it's home to a steam railway and also a rather superb medieval castle, that we were visiting for the National Trust "50 Things To Do Before You're 11 3/4" campaign that I told you about in my previous post.

Our first challenge was to see how many people from three generations of the Madhouse Family we could fit on one bench !

Then Sophie had a chat with a passing bowman !

Time to cross the moat, marvelling at the enormous koi carp, and discover the castle itself.

"Halt, who goes there ?!"

Now that's a burglar-proof front door !

It's quite well preserved, with complete outer walls and a few towers you can climb.

Pierre knows how to take advantage of Madhouse Grandad and took the easy option for exploring the castle !

Whereas Juliette preferred exploring every nook and cranny, including these steps that led to nowhere.

And there were lots of nooks and crannies to explore !

This looked like The Lorax to me but it's apparently the Bodiam Bat !

The water in the well didn't look very appetising !

The kids discovered the medieval version of the naughty step !

Maybe this is what I need to stop Sophie talking about One Direction !

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  1. Looks great there! I love visiting castles! If I could travel back to any time in history, I would go back to the times when knights rode round on horses and castles were lived in by royalty!


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