Friday 22 August 2014

Madhouse Diaries : Squirrel Corner

Whenever we're in England, the kids always want to go to the park to see the squirrels because there aren't any in France. (This is something that still surprises me.)

Alexandra Park in Hastings is squirrel heaven and they're really tame so we always head down with a bag of peanuts for the squirrels and bread for the ducks - the squirrels invariably end up eating both !

If you're patient and manage to stay still long enough, they'll even come and eat out of your hands.

This was a source of great excitement !

It's great to get this close to wild animals.

This cheeky one stole a whole slice of bread.

Then he sat on a nearby tree showing off and eating it !

This one came right up to my foot while I was taking a photo of his friend !

I even managed to film the kids feeding them on my camera.

I love Juliette's face at the 10 second mark !

I glanced at a nearby plaque and noticed that we were at McCabe's Well.

Juliette was very tempted to taste the water but I wasn't so keen !

Sophie quickly found a geocache that I remembered was there, even without a GPS - no treasure in this one though.

We finished off with a stroll along by the Buckshole Reservoir.

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  1. Lovely tame squirrels! Great photos too :)

  2. How strange there are no squirrels in France. I saw a squirrel yesterday but it just ran up a tree. Lovely photos

    1. When I first arrived in France, we'd be out in parks or the countryside and I'd say "ooh is that a squirrel up that tree?" and people would look at me like I was mad - I guess it would be like someone in England saying "oh I think there's a lion behind that bush" !

  3. you should have captured them and took them to France its amazing how they adapt isnt it.
    Is that your husband I hear talking? For some reason I had imagined him to be French. Poor Pierre at the end getting annoyed cos they not coming to him.

    1. He is French - there were other people in the background, including my mum & dad ! He hasn't got a classic French accent though, he sounds more American if anything.

  4. I saw a red squirrel when I was on a school french exchange in Normandy when I was about 13 but that was a long time ago as I'm 48 now. I've seen a red one in this country too but I was even younger then about 6 years old.

    1. I think they eradicated them as pests, someone once told me ? In America, we saw red and grey ones, as well as black and whites ones which were very cool ! :)


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