Monday 11 August 2014

Madhouse Diaries : Geocaching Around My Childhood Home

This is the first trip back home to Hastings since we've started geocaching so we set off on foot from my childhood home yesterday to see if we could find any caches. There's plenty of rolling countryside to discover.

Our first hunt took us down a "hidden lane" - if I hadn't read on the geocaching description that it looked like private property, I'd never had dared venture down this path !

Sure enough, a bit further down the path, we came across confirmation that was a public footpath.

Following our trusty GPS, we ventured down a wooded path looking for an ivy-covered tree. This was the first time Sophie had ever seen a stile so she had a good laugh about Harry Styles from One Direction. (She's obsessed, I tell you !) 

After a bit of clambering around in the trees (with Sophie saying hey, watch out for my Vans, I don't want to get them dirty !!), we managed to uncover the cache.

On the way back to the main road, we spotted a sign that made me think of a couple of people !!

We took advantage of Nature's bounty and ate half a hundredweight of blackberries from the hedgerows ! 

We strolled along a lovely leafy lane.

And found the perfect spot for admiring the view.

From here, you can see right across to the wind farm in the distance in Winchelsea.

We spotted a very cryptic message - "Misty sighted and tracked by Jenny & Tiga at Pett & Pett Level so it is confirmed she is still out there". This made us wonder who or what Misty is !

Our second and final cache for the day took us to the 1066 Hastings Walk which looks like a nice route.

Sophie soon uncovered the cache hiding under some rocks.

We swapped some treasures and decided that this would be a great place to drop off one of our French trackables - more about that in another blogpost.

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  1. Great post...I know what you mean about feeling like you're on private property, there's a footpath near a cache site round here that does go right through someone's back garden. It feel so intrusive! But there's also a craze nearby of hiding caches on your own property...not a craze I'm fond of, geocaching is about exploring not sticking your hand in someone's rockery!

  2. It is always fascinating to revisit your childhood home areas. A bit nostalgic too

  3. nice to see there are some "back home" and also for showing you the hidden lane


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