Monday 18 August 2014

The Phoenix comics review

The Phoenix is a weekly comic for boys and girls aged 6-12 years (and beyond). Launched in 2012 by celebrated publisher, David Fickling, it is packed full of original stories - from epic serial adventures to one-off adventures – plus non-fiction and puzzles, all from some of the comic world’s most celebrated story creators.

The first new British comic in 40 years to have celebrated its 100th issue, The Phoenix was recently voted No.2 in Time Magazine’s global list of ‘Top Comics and Graphic Novels’.

It is printed on high quality glossy paper and is really bright and colourful. The stories are designed to appeal to both sexes and there is no advertising at all in the comics, which makes a nice change !

The comic strips are varied and include Tales of Fayt The Crooked Imp, Sky Drifters, Long Gone Don, Mega Robo Bros, Corpse Talk and Bunny Vs Monkey.

As well as the comic strip stories, there are other features such as How To Draw guides and fan pages where you can send in your drawings.

This summer, The Phoenix has expanded into its first major new series of comic books for children: The Phoenix Presents series, published by David Fickling Books. Eight comic book titles will be released throughout 2014 and they have already won unprecedented acclaim among child literacy experts. The first two, Von Doogan and the Curse of the Golden Monkey by Lorenzo Etherington and Bunny Vs Monkey by Jamie Smart have been selected for The Reading Agency’s respected Summer Reading Challenge - this is the first time comic books have featured on the list of books.

The Madhouse Mini Testers were instantly drawn to the cute, funny illustration on the cover of Bunny Vs Monkey.

This story takes place in a wacky world full of chicken zeppelins, the pig-o-tron 5000, the indestructible action beaver, a squirrel with a passion for baking and much more. Illustrated in Jamie Smart’s inimitable style, it's perfect for children who want to take part in the Summer Reading Challenge but find novels off-putting.

Von Doogan and the Curse of the Golden Monkey by Lorenzo Etherington is described as a super puzzle adventure comic.

Featuring intrepid explorer Von Doogan, this book puts control firmly in the hands of the reader as they uncover the mysterious secrets at the heart of Javasu Island.

The puzzles will appeal to older readers  and will stretch the mental muscles of all ages. I guarantee the parents will be called in as reinforcements and I bet they won't mind one bit !

The third title, Corpse Talk, is slightly darker and will appeal to slightly older readers.

It's not really scary though, with cartoonish monsters and a fun story.

If you want to get the kids away from their screens over the holidays, these are an ideal way to get them into enjoying books, especially if they are reluctant readers.

The Phoenix weekly comic costs £2.99 and theThe Phoenix Presents ... comic books cost £6.99. You can also download a free digital issue on their website to see what you think.

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Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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