Wednesday 13 August 2014

My new toy - a Fitbug Orb !

When a call-out went out on Mumsnet for bloggers to try out the new Fitbug Orb, I couldn't get my application in fast enough. I've heard so many good things about it and it sounds like just the thing I need to get my motivation and weightloss back on track. They were only looking for five testers though, so when I discovered I'd been selected, I was over the moon.

When it arrived, I excitedly unpacked everything from the box. The Fitbug Orb is tiny - it looks like the inside of a digital watch. You also get a watch-type battery, a lanyard, a clip attachment and rubbery watch strap attachment. To be honest, for the price (almost £50), it doesn't look that impressive, but I knew that the most important thing about the Fitbug is what goes on behind the scenes, tracking your weight, sleep, food and exercise.

The enclosed attachments mean that your Fitbug can be worn in a variety of ways - on your wrist, clipped to your belt, fastened to your brastrap, carried in your pocket or around your neck.

You need to create a Fitbug account and register your Orb on a computer, then download an app to use on your iOs or Android device. Foodtracking is done on the computer but everything else is sent through automatically from the Fitbug to the app.

The first step is creating a Fitbug account and registering the device. This is a piece of cake and the online process takes you through, one step at a time. The only tricky part is working out how to open the Fitbug to put in the battery but even that is simple once you realise you need a coin.

You need the subscription number from the box.

And the serial number on the back of the Fitbug.

Then you're ready to go. You can access your dashboard for advice and an overview of your progress.

This also has links through to handy sections like the Fitbug Recipe Book and nutrition or activity advice. There is also a lifestyle section with blog articles and advice so it looks like there is lots to discover.

The app is a great motivational tool, showing you exactly how you're doing in terms of movement, calories and progress. 

The Fitbug promises to be with you every step of the way, day and night, working with Kik, your very own digital coach, to motivate you to move more, eat better and sleep well. The quick health questionnaire that you take when you register helps give you personally tailored advice.

It's more than just a fitness tracker or calorie counter though, seeming to take a more holistic approach, supporting and encouraging, inspiring and informing you to achieve your goals, whether they be losing weight, getting fitter, feeling great or looking great.

So far I'm impressed. It's fun to use with a very user-friendly dashboard so I'm excited about tracking my weight, calories and goals. Being excited and motivated is half of the battle so I'll be keen to see how I get on and whether this gives me the boost I need to get back on track.

My Sunday weigh-in posts have been put on hold for the last few weeks as we've been buzzing about all over the place visiting different family members for a week here and a week there so it has been impossible to keep track of things. I'll be back at the start of September though to assess the damage and share news of the Fitbug and how it works in action.

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  1. Good luck with this Cheryl, I'm sure it will really help you reach your goal. It's sounds very similar to the fitbit, which I've got and I absolutely love it. It's really helped me to getting walking more. x


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