Sunday 10 August 2014

Skate Hut have given Sophie happy feet !

I think I've told you before about Sophie's enormous feet. She's not even a teenager yet (although she will be in just a few days which is a rather scary thought !) but she already needs size 8 shoes - that's the same size as her dad ! Trying to find her fashionable shoes that will fit her enormous plates of meat can be a nightmare. When Skate Hut got in touch to ask if we'd like to review something from their site, I asked her if she'd like to check out their footwear (they also have clothing, skateboards, scooters, bikes, bags and loads more) and she was very impressed at the range of styles available, especially as they went up to her size and beyond - yay !

For the last few months, Sophie has been obsessed with owning a pair of Vans. This is all down to her obsession with One Direction again - Niall, Louis and possibly Zayn all wear them and anything that her idols do ends up on Sophie's bucketlist of things to do ! She couldn't decide whether to go for these Pop Lace Bluebird Authentic Vans (were £44.95, now £34.95) ...

or these Virtual Pink ones (were £44.95, now £24.95). 

Well, Skate Hut absolutely made her day, week and year by sending through both ! She absolutely loves them, principally for the brand name and the funky contrasting colours (the insides and soles match the bright colour of the laces), but also because they're incredibly comfortable. They're very flexible, padded (collar and footbed) and have good grip, thanks to the rubber soles. Despite my warnings of probably getting blisters and sore feet from rubbing if she hadn't broken them in, she put them straight on her feet as we were heading out to town and came back with no redness or soreness at all. They've been on her feet ever since (apart from when she's in bed !).

Vans is just one of the big names available in the footwear section - they have everything from Converse and Etnies to Puma and Nike, and cover trainers, flip-flops, wellies, baby shoes ... basically everything you can think of !

for more information :

Disclosure : We received the shoes in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Great looking shoes. I like the look of the blue ones.

    Rachel Craig

  2. These shoes seem wonderful from the point of view of :- being casually stylish, comfortable and well made (good quality).

    Rachel Craig


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