Tuesday 5 August 2014

Madhouse Diaries : A Day in Camaret, Brittany

Yesterday we headed off down the coast of Brittany a bit to the Crozon peninsula, just as everyone was leaving after a 3 day "Festival du Bout du Monde" (end of the world festival) - that sounds apocalyptic but it's not, it's because this is the equivalent of Cornwall and the département is called Finisterre (Land's End). Anyway, I digress, there were miles and miles of cars at a standstill on the only road out but luckily we were heading the other way and they'd all gone by the time we left - phew !

I love this photo of the totally ruined, old fishing boats on the shore, with the posh, expensive yachts in the marina behind.

We wandered over to the old church and popped in just as a violinist and pianist started playing and made us jump !

We strolled down to the lighthouse on the end of the jetty.

On the way, we started spotting random piles of stones from the beach.

I took a couple of arty shots, with the seascape and bright blue sky behind.

I was feeling very pleased with myself for my artistic framing ...

... then we wandered a bit further and they were EVERYWHERE ! It all started to feel a bit Twilight Zone-ish !

A couple of them had personal items under them - a rotting glove and a worn out shoe - so I wondered if it was to do with the church and if it was to seek a healing - maybe so that when the item rotted away, so did the illness? (We saw something similar at the Kruysbellaert Shrine in Dunkirk.) Most of them were just rocks though. 

The kids soon got in on the action and started building their own. 

The colour of the sea was amazing - from deep blue to light turquoise and a million shades in between. I could have passed this off as a picture from Turkey in a couple of weeks !

Chilling like a celeb in her shades !

Everyone was starting to get a bit tired by now.

So we headed to a beachside cafe for a refuel.

The kids all had fruit juice - apple, banana, strawberry, mango ...

And they loved the funky straws with the different fruit on.

This looks like a romantic gesture from afar but it's a folded paper apple, not a rose between her teeth !

Back to the cars and Mamie broke out the chocolate pancakes and fruit purée pouches - the perfect end to the day !

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