Wednesday 6 August 2014

Madhouse Diaries : Lunch in a Breton crêperie

You can't go to Brittany and not eat pancakes, so we headed off to a little crêperie in Roscoff.

This was met with huge smiles from the Famous Five (as I've taken to calling the Madhouse kids and their two cousins).

The smiles soon turned into pulling faces as we waited for our pancakes to arrive !

The traditional drink to accompany crêpes is cider and in Brittany, it's traditionally drunk out of a bowl or "bôlée".

There are two types of flour used -  the lighter coloured "froment" (wheatflour) ones on the left are traditionally for sweet fillings and the darker "sarrasin" (buckwheat) ones on the right are for savoury fillings. Madhouse Daddy prefers froment for both though, and the kids have followed his lead, whereas I'm a traditionalist ! Froment pancakes are called crêpes and sarrasin ones are called galettes.

This was my pancake, filled with bacon, cheese, a fried egg and the local Roscoff pink onions. The most traditional and popular pancake is the "complète", with ham, egg and cheese. The variations are endless though.

Pierre had cheese and ham and thought it was very nice too.

Saving the best for last, I went for classic Breton fayre again and chose salted butter caramel and apple - delicious ! (The crêperie even sells jars of their homemade salted butter caramel.)

The kids opted for ice cream instead (except for Sophie who had a chocolate and banana pancake).

Pierre wanted to make sure he got every last drop ! 

 To finish off the meal, the owners offered us all (well, the adults anyway !) a little glass of chouchen, which is a honey liqueur.

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