Sunday 31 August 2014

Karcher FP 303 Floor Polisher review

In between visiting the in-laws in Brittany, the Madhouse grandparents and then jetting off to Turkey for a fortnight, I haven't had much time for product testing and I certainly haven't been cleaning the house because we haven't been here ! I couldn't resist having a play as soon as the latest product from Kärcher arrived though - the FP 303 Floor Polisher.

I'll be honest - it isn't a product that I would have bought myself, but as all the other products up for review this month were geared towards big gardens, I went for this as a last resort. I was impressed, though, when I saw the number of different surfaces it can be used on - basically all hard floors, whether they're laminate, parquet, PVC or lino.

Getting it out of the box, it looked quite complicated to put together but it was actually really easy and only took a few minutes, using just the quick instruction sheet rather than the big manual.

It's very user-friendly - the polishing pads just press on with a velcro-type backing. I thought they'd come straight off when I started using it but they didn't - they stayed firmly in place.

The box contains three universal polishing pads but you can also buy specialised pads for waxed parquet, sealed parquet/laminate and stone/linoleum/PVC. You can also buy floor care products to use with the polisher

It's got a built-in vacuum device to suck up any dust from the polishing (particularly useful on a stone floor, I would think) but it isn't designed to be a full-blown vacuum cleaner so you should really hoover first, before using the polisher. I skipped this stage and it didn't pick up most of the dust bunnies or dog hair that was on the floor.

I thought it would clean the floor but it wasn't totally successful - I think I'd use this after the steam cleaner rather than instead of, but I think it would be much more effective on a smoother, shinier floor. Using the specific floor care products may well give a better finish too.

Here's a quick video to show how easy it is to use - you just push the button with your foot for it to start, use both hands to push it around then stand it up until it clicks for it to switch off. It's very light and easy to manoeuver. The triangle shape is great for getting into corners and it is small enough to fit under most furniture. The Madhouse kids thought it was cool because it reminded them of the floor polishers you see janitors and late night cleaners using in hospitals and offices on American TV shows !

I'm not sure it's something I'll be using all that regularly because I'd have to hoover, then use the steam cleaner, then use the polisher, which seems superfluous, but if I had laminate, wooden or marble floors all through the house, I could see it being a much more useful piece of equipment, to give it a lovely shine.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £189.99

Disclosure : I received the product in order to write an honest review.

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