Thursday 14 August 2014

#alphabetphoto : N is for naughty step

Medieval-style at Bodiam Castle !

My #alphabetproject so far :

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  1. LOL Hey I could do with four of those in my garden for when my kids start to niggle each other, which they are all starting to do more as the holidays are passing! 2 more weeks! :)

    1. It's bad enough with 3 ! Although it's always 2 playing quite happily then one comes along and upsets the apple cart so I wonder if 4 is easier than 3, or if they just wind each other up ! lol

  2. Classic. He actually looks like he is enjoying sitting there

  3. That's some naughty step! I need one of those :) Don't think he's supposed to be having that much fun on it though!

  4. That's so funny. Great photo. x


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