Wednesday 20 August 2014

Our Paddlepak Picnic at Bodiam Castle

If I say the word Trunki, I'm sure you'll immediately think of the funtastic, vibrantly coloured kids' ride-on suitcases that the brand became famous for, but you may not know that they also have a range of other products available, including Paddlepaks, water-resistant backpacks that come in a range of fun designs including dolphin, octopus, crab, fish, lobster, shark and this Chuckles Clown Fish one that we chose.

Even better than receiving a Paddlepak to review is receiving a Paddlepak packed full of healthy snacks, and Pierre was delighted to discover a whole host of Ella's Kitchen goodies hiding inside, along with some activity sheets.

He put it straight on and refused to let it leave his side (or his back) for the rest of the holidays !

All importantly, he carried it all the time too, even when getting tired and taking refuge in Madhouse Grandad's arms. This is a huge bonus because I invariably end up getting laden down with all the Madhouse kids' bags and backpacks once they get fed up of carrying them !

The Paddlepak has a unique roll-and-clip closing technique which is great for little fingers. Pierre instantly got the knack and loved dipping in and out of his bag whenever he wanted to throughout our trips out, especially when he discovered what was inside.

The big red tub of Raspberries & Bananas Multigrain Nibbles got a unanimous thumbs-up from the whole family, regardless of age. It's a bit like fruity cereal and the kids were dipping into it all day long until there was none left. The resealable tub is very convenient and the fact that it's rigid stops the nibbles from getting crushed too.

The Cheddar & Leeks Multigrain Wheels also got a ravenous reception and disappeared in seconds. They're like a healthier version of cheese & onion crisps and again, regardless of age, everyone loved them. The Parsnip & Poppy Seed Cracker Bites sounded a bit strange but were actually very tasty and they quickly disappeared too, as did the Yellow One fruit pouch.

Pierre loved being the keeper of the family's snacks and was constantly sitting down, unpacking everything from his Paddlepak, then rolling it back up again and putting it back on his back !

He wasn't the only one though ! 

The Madhouse Mini-testers loved the cheerful, brightly coloured design (and they weren't the only ones - I heard numerous oohs and aahs and envious comments as we were wandering around the castle) and, as a parent, I  was impressed at how much stuff you can fit inside too.

Paddlepaks cost £19.99-£24.99. For more information, go to For more information about Ella's Kitchen kiddie snacks, go to

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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