Thursday 14 August 2014

#ThePussyCatRiot Cats Against Internet Censorship

I always avoid discussing politics here on my blog - in fact, I always avoid discussing politics in real life too, as a general rule - but I was sucked in by the cute kitties fronting this particular campaign !

The instigators of #ThePussycatRiot are made up of the disarmingly pretty Nala_Cat, cross-eyed Jarvis P. Weasley, philosophical Henri Le Chat Noir, famously ugly Stitch and Princess Monster Truck, whose underbite is as big as her persona. The quintet of kitties aims to take a swipe at those governments across the world that continue to deny their citizens the right to access websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter – thereby preventing them from ever experiencing the delights of Keyboard Cat, OMG Cat or Surprised Kitty.

The campaign has been established by leading global VPN provider to raise awareness of cyber censorship imposed in countries including Russia, China, Iran and North Korea - which not only prevents citizens from freely expressing their views but also stops them accessing purely innocent content. Its launch comes just days after new legislation, pushed through by Vladimir Putin’s government, has been widely condemned for its “draconian” grip on Russians’ Internet freedoms.

As a result, cat owners and fans are being urged to show their support by snapping a picture of their cat and sharing it to social feeds using #ThePussycatRiot – with hints and inspiration for would-be ‘rioters’ and a manifesto published online at the

We don't have a militant moggy, only dogs, so I had to go for the next best thing and use a soft toy cat as a stand-in !

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