Sunday 18 September 2016

Get ready for a new playground sensation : Twozies ! (review)

The kids have gone back to school and after comparing holiday stories and showing off their new shoes and sparkly pencils, they're just about ready for some new collectibles for endless playground fun (until the next new craze comes around anyway !). Character Options and Moose Toys have got things covered with Twozies, a collectible designed for sharing and pairing, which targets both boys or girls aged 5 years and over.

Juliette wasn't aware of them but she was instantly won over because they reminded her a bit of Shopkins, which she also loves, because they are equally collectible and cute.

 The special appeal of Twozies is trying to find the matching pairs of babies, who all have funky animal hats, and pets, because, as it says on the packaging, everything's better two-gether ! There are 140 different babies and pets to find and they come in blind bags so your kids will be constantly wanting to buy more and swap their doubles with their friends to find the pairs.

As well as having different animal hats, the babies have different poses so they really seem to have individual personalities. As with most of these kinds of collectibles, there are special ultra-rare or limited edition ones to look out for, including some neon and metallic ones.

As well as the blind bags of characters, to help boost your collection, you can also buy playsets. We got the Two-Sweet Row Boat and the Two-Sweet Ice Cream Cart to review. Each playset includes two exclusive babies and pets and a shadow box house that can be used for playing but also showing off your collection. You can stack them or even mount them on the wall.

They are fun to collect and cute to look at, but they are also designed for playing. Each of the Twozies has a hole in its foot so that you can push it onto the little pegs in the playset accessories, such as the row boat or the ice cream cart.

This means that they won't fall over when you push them around. They're great to look at, play with, swap and collect - what more could you want from a pocket money-priced toy?!

RRP :  Surprise Pack - £2.49, Fun Two-Gether Playset - £14.99

for more information :

Disclosure ; We received the product in order to write an honest review.


  1. Thanks for the introduction
    Not heard of these
    Bet my neice has x

    1. LOL Probably ! - although Juliette hadn't either

  2. Have not seen these yet. They look so cute

    1. There are so many ranges of collectibles now that it's hard to keep track of them all !


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