Monday 19 September 2016

Peppa Pig Picnic Dough Playset review

There's something extra special about alfresco dining during the summer months, whether that be firing up the barbecue, heading out for a picnic or eating on the patio on a balmy evening. Unfortunately the summer is definitely drawing to a close now - I can see more and more signs of autumn approaching with every day that passes - so our picnic days are numbered. The fun can continue in our crafts play though, thanks to the arrival of this fabulous Peppa Pig Picnic Dough Playset from Character Options.

Pierre was over the moon when he laid eyes on it - I'm not sure if he was most excited about the Peppa Pig branding or the contents of the box though ! There's certainly a lot packed in there - dough cutters, moulds and various other tools, as well as a wipe-clean play mat that is a godsend for avoiding having bits of dough stuck on your tablecloth or in the carpet !

There's plenty of dough to play with too - five tubs containing 85.05g each, with moulded lids for extra squishy fun ! Pierre loves pressing dough into the lids to recreate Peppa's family and friends, but he was a bit disappointed that there wasn't Peppa in there - it did seem a bit strange, as there was Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Rebecca Rabbit, Suzie Sheep and Danny Dog, but not the star of the show herself !

Pierre's favourite item of all is the dough press which allows you to extrude (I do like that word !) the dough through the shape of your choice to make a heart or star-shaped rope, noodles or whatever else you feel like !

There's plenty to keep your child busy - Pierre was occupied all afternoon ! - and I love the way that there is enough scope for creativity and imaginative play. Pierre had fun blending the colours until he ended up with a murky brown, which gave him a brainwave.

"Look Mum", he giggled, "I've made Peppa Pig and she's all splashed from jumping in muddy puddles !"

You can see from his face how much fun he had !

Today, after school, he ran off to his room to get everything out and made a birthday cake, followed by pizza and cookies !

It's a lovely play set, in a sturdy carry case that is perfect for keeping everything packed away and off the bedroom floor. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the price - £12.99 - which is great value for everything that's in it and the hours of fun that Pierre has already had with it.

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. My nephew would have as much fun too
    He loves peppa Pig


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