Friday 16 September 2016

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 16/9

It's been a sweltering week - perfect for trying out some of the Italian and Australian recipes from my recent Kitchen Trotter boxes - but I've worked my way through them all now and need a new destination. I've gone trawling through my bookmarked globe-cooking recipes so there should be an explosion of flavours going on next week. There seems to be a bit of a global street food theme going on this week, quite by accident, but it'll be mixed and matched for some seriously strange but hopefully tasty fusion food !


lunch - probably McDonalds which means it's highly likely it will be a scampi wrap for me

dinner - soup - not sure what, either something out of the freezer or some freshly made vegetable or Mexican soup


lunch - the Madhouse grandparents will be over so it'll be a bbq or a Sunday roast, depending on the weather

dinner - a sandwich or a salad if anyone's hungry


dinner - Thai green curry with rice


dinner - Singapore noodles with chicken & veggies


lunch - tacos

dinner - chiftele, Romanian meatbals, with spaghetti or couscous - not sure which yet, I'll let the kids decide ! - and ratatouille


dinner - Norwegian fishcakes called fiskekaker with boiled potatoes and carrots - or possibly aalo ko achar, which is a Nepalese spicy potato salad


dinner - street food Taiwan style ! Cong You Bing, which are sort of beef wraps

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  1. Will be alright if I invite myself round
    Such an array of delicious food
    All sound amazing

    1. Hopefully it'll all taste as good as it sounds !!


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