Friday 23 September 2016

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 23/9

Cookery challenges are like buses - you won't get invited to take part in one for months then loads of them arrive at the same time ! I've got enough to fill a whole week's worth of meals, so this week's menu plan was a bit of a no-brainer ! I'll be mixing and matching with the meals from last week that I didn't get to make (due to leftovers or making some of the meals from this week's plan in advance, as the blog challenges came in). Luckily they all sound delicious and like the sorts of things we usually eat anyway, so there will be no complaints from the rest of the family !


lunch - probably McDonalds as it's a nice way of easing into the weekend :)

dinner - something quick and simple because we're usually out and about all day and I can't be bothered with cooking a big meal ! - homemade soup or smoked salmon bagels sounds perfect


lunch - probably a roast dinner but we might manage to squeeze in one final bbq, depending on the weather

dinner - cheese on toast or a salad if anyone's hungry


dinner - turkey schnitzel with parsnip chips


dinner - I need a fish dish - I have some salmon in the freezer so I'll do something with that - either wrap it in puff pastry or top it with lime zest and garlic salt, or maybe pomegranate molasses and sumac, or possibly even chorizo and grilled onions - served with rice or boiled potatoes and leeks


lunch - cottage pie

dinner - fully loaded nachos with salad and coleslaw on the side


dinner - something from Tuscany - I'm thinking a slow-cooked pork belly and bean hotpot type of thing


dinner - Day off ! I always end up having one day a week where the fridge is overflowing with leftovers and I don't need to cook, so I'll go for a dead easy spaghetti carbonara if needed, but it'll probably be leftovers !

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