Friday 23 September 2016

Madhouse diaries : VW Beetle Mania !

You may remember last week, I told you about the kite festival at the beach with its magnificent flying creatures and cartoon characters filling the bright blue sky. That same weekend, further along the prom, there was a vintage car rally for VW Beetles and campervans.

They're such iconic vehicles that everyone, from little kids to OAPs, was oohing and aahing and taking selfies with them !

The sunny day, sandy beach and blue sky dotted with fluffy white clouds were the perfect backdrop for them, encapsulating the "life's a beach" vibe.

Our in-laws have a big, splosh, all mod-cons motorhome, but for some reason, I actually get more excited about the old-fashioned campervans. They may be more cramped and there's certainly no shower or toilet on board, but I love the escapism of throwing your suitcases (or more likely rucksacks) on top and heading off into the sunset at a moment's notice !

Adding a surfboard to the roof rack just takes the coolness to a whole new level !

 Some have been customised with 60's/70's-style stickers or even pirate flags !

I've always thought that Beetles look like they have happy faces but I'd never noticed that the bonnet looks like a big tongue sticking out before ! Or maybe it's supposed to look like a surfboard ?

This was one of the more recent models and although you can't really see it in the photo, it had a gorgeous, mermaid-like, irridescent paint job that made the kids think of the Rainbow Fish.

You can't beat the originals though !

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  1. I would love to have walked round these. Love all the personalising that has gone into their care.


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