Sunday 25 September 2016

Madhouse diaries : Inflatable sports day !

Yesterday, the main town square was advertising some free sports activities for the kids so we went along to have a look. What I didn't realise was that they were mostly inflatable versions of the main sports, which the kids thought was even more fun !

We started off with basketball, which was extra sporty for Pierre because he had to keep climbing up to retrieve the balls. The woman in charge took pity on him and told us he could climb over and stand at the bottom in the end. He managed to get a few balls in the hoops which he got very excited about ... but then so did Juliette and Sophie whenever they managed !

 I was busy taking the photos so I could never see whose ball was going in the hoops so I just made general encouraging noises that could have been for any of them !

Next up was a mini crazy golf course - I was impressed at finding this in the middle of the town centre !

Pierre had a very unique way of holding the golf club but it seemed to work more or less !

This was everyone's favourite hole but the ball got stuck in the middle of the pipe every single time !

"Mu-um, you have to go and call the man again !" 

 It was on to bigger balls next, with the penalty shoot out stand. It wasn't very well thought-out though because there was a gap at the bottom of the back wall so the poor bloke had to go round the back to get the ball back EVERY SINGLE TIME ! This probably explains why they deflated this one not long after we'd finished playing !

Next up was baseball - or softball? I never know the difference anyway ! 

It was more like tennis though, with a racket rather than a bat, and a little ball that you had to aim at the holes in the back wall.

The best thing about this one was the cone which blew out a stream of air, making the ball "magically" hover in the air, waiting to be smacked !

Even Madhouse Daddy couldn't resist having a go !

This photo made me laugh when I looked through them because it's Sophie moving her hair behind her shoulder but the angle makes it look like the woman from the stand is strangling her !

The next activity was their favourite - the Equalizer put Juliette and Pierre head to head, both attached to a rope like a giant tug of war, trying to reach the edges and stick their sponges on the highest scoring Velcro pad.

I'd told Juliette to give Pierre a chance to win a few, as he is smaller, but they both seemed to be giving it their all !

Go Pierre, heave-ho !

"Hee hee hee Mum, I'm stopping Juliette from being able to reach the edge !"

It was hilarious to watch and I thought they were pretty well matched !

There was just one final activity left to do - some big go-karts that Pierre managed to ride around like a pro (until he drove straight over a cone and flattened it !!)

All in all, not bad at all for a free event in the middle of the town centre.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. I love days like this with our 3 girls. It's a rare time when they are playing rather than fighting

  2. What a fab idea, it looks like great fun

  3. What a great initiative this was. I can't imagine anything like that happening here. It certainly looks heaps of fun and I guess they just deflate the inflatables and move towns. You really did pick the best time to be out in town and the photos show just how much fun the kids had.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKdis

    1. There are always loads of free activities going on - we really are spoilt for choice :)

  4. Wow that looks like a lot of fun! I especially love the golf with loops. I think thats really hard to do but awesome! #countrykids

    1. It was definitely the most challenging and the most fun - especially when it kept getting stuck half way !

  5. This looks like immense fun for all the family.I don't think i could tear my 3 kids away.

    1. They were worn out in the end and happy enough to go home for a drink ! lol


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