Thursday 27 October 2016

Are you Britain's most fruitful family ? Share your life hacks and win £1,000 !

Family time is precious, but with parents often exhausted at the end of a working day and children focused on gadgets, we often forget to spend just five minutes together. Nature’s Finest is on a mission to find and champion families who use simple solutions or life hacks to ensure time is spent together, through the campaign ‘Britain’s Most Fruitful Family’.

Run through the brand's Facebook page, the campaign is asking families to send in the life hacks that help them to spend more time together as a family, encouraging others to try the same and embrace a fruit-ful lifestyle.

The campaign will run from 24th October through to 28th November and the winning family with the best life hack will receive £1,000 worth of Sainsbury’s vouchers – ideal just before Christmas when food shopping bills get bigger.

Nature’s Finest themselves offer a wide range of convenient potted fruit, which helps make eating fruit on the go or at home a simple and easy task. This is just one way of gaining an extra few minutes in the day (enough to read a bedtime story or play a quick game of snap).

Here are some of the Madhouse Family's top hacks for a fruit-ful life :

Banish mealtime madness ! Start menu-planning so you always know in advance what you'll be having for tea, then there's no last-minute rummaging in the freezer, panicking about what you can use that doesn't need defrosting, while you could be helping the kids with their homework or chatting about their day.

Even better, use a slow cooker. Throw the meat and vegetables in it when you have a few minutes first thing in the morning or straight after lunch, then let it simmer away all afternoon so you have nothing to do at all during the after-school/work rush except put on your slippers, plonk yourself on the sofa and catch up with everyone's day.

Micro-cleaning sessions. If you spend 5 minutes wiping down the work surfaces, emptying the recycling bin and sorting out the post while you wait for the kettle to boil, you won't have to spend half of the weekend doing it all in one go when you could be going out for a walk with the kids or taking them to the park.

A screen-free hour every day. Banish all screens - phones, tablets, laptops and TV - and spend an hour each day doing whatever the kids want - baking cupcakes, playing a board game, messy play, walking the dogs ... it doesn't matter what you do, as long as you're spending quality time together and enjoying each other's company.

Think you can do better? Make sure you enter Nature's Finest's #FruitfulFamilies competition and feel free to share your top tips in the comments here too.

Disclosure : We received some Nature's Finest products.


  1. thanks for posting this, I've entered my tip which is to keep a wipe clean board on the fridge with an erasable marker (on string so it doesn't get lost!). It's everyone's responsibility to add things to the list if they finish a food item or notice it's nearly all gone. That way when it comes to the weekly shop you don't have to look in the larder and fridge to see what you've run out of.


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