Friday 7 October 2016

Here come the Star Monsters series 2 ! (review)

As soon as I give the younger Madhouse kids any pocket money, they always immediately want to rush out to our nearby toy shop (unfortunately it's literally a 5 minute walk away, which is bad news for their savings !) to splash their cash on whatever the latest collectible craze is. They love Tsums Tsums (both the plush toys and the minis), Num Noms, Shopkins, Playmobil, ... you name it, they'll be collecting it ! I therefore knew that they would be over the moon to discover a new collectible range called Star Monsters. Series 2 hit the shops last month so it's not actually that new but this one had somehow passed us by.

As their name suggests, each Star Monster character has been created from a star which has fallen to Earth. The monster takes on shapes and personalities related to the environment in which it was formed so there are some weird and wonderful creations. We received a fabulous starter bundle to kick off our new collection, including several of the blind packs that the Madhouse kids always get so excited about. These ones seem particularly good value with genuine pocket money prices - you can buy a blind bag containing two Star Monsters for just £1, and you also get two stickers in each pack too.

These can be kept in a special Star Monsters sticker album-guide which means that you get two new collections for the price of one ! Pierre had great fun hunting for each number in the book, peeling off the back and sticking each glossy sticker in the right space. 

The sticker album is packed full of interesting facts about each of the different characters, and also tells you about the special rare Star Monsters that you can try to collect. The Madhouse kids were over the moon to discover a couple of rare ones in their selection.

But that's still not all ! There is also information on how to find out the value and understand the characteristics of each Star Monster by looking at its base, and also a game mat included in the pack.

I have no idea if he was doing it right because I was busy taking the photos and hadn't read the instructions, but Pierre had great fun pushing, sliding, spinning and flicking his Star Monsters across the mat ! There is also a poster showing the 72 characters in series 2 that you can collect.

The little monsters are made of sturdy plastic and they put up with some fairly rough-and-tumble play with no signs of wear and tear. They are very colourful with cute, appealing expressions so when you've finished playing with them, they look great on your bedroom shelf too.

You can also buy mini capsules, which you can stand them on to really show them off, and a large round capsule, which can be used for storing your Star Monsters in.

There is a huge galaxy of collecting and playing to discover with Star Monsters, with series 2 including new crystal Star Monsters and mysterious Shadow Star Monsters.

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Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.


  1. My girls are obsessed with blind bags of every kind

  2. Got a couple of suprises bags for my daughter as she was keen to discover them. They have so many choices nowadays.


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