Friday 14 October 2016

What's Cooking at The Madhouse? menu plan 14/10

This week is a weird week for menu-planning because we're at school until Wednesday then half term starts on Thursday so I'll need to plan lunches as well as dinners. I bought a couple of cheap recipe books a while ago - Comfort Food (was £14.99, now £3) and Pastry Recipes (was £7.99, now £2), I do love The Works ! - so I'll be digging into those for some winter warmer inspiration this week.


lunch - probably McDonalds as it's a nice way of easing into the weekend and it's turned into a tradition :)

dinner - tomato and pesto tarts with rice and/or salad


lunch - probably a roast dinner- chicken or pork usually, depending on what Madhouse Daddy picks up at the supermarket

dinner - homemade soup - I have a craving for French onion soup this week with chunks of cheese on toast made with a doorstop of homemade bread - hmmmm


dinner - chicken curry with or without rice depending on how many leftover veggies and roast potatoes end up in it !


dinner - lasagne


lunch - bacon & egg pie with mash

dinner - pasta bake


lunch - southern fried (but probably baked) chicken with Actifry chips & BBQ beans

dinner - cheesy creamy leeks with bacon & rice


lunch - homemade hamburgers with salad/coleslaw

dinner - maple salmon with buckwheat & veg - probably carrots or broccoli but whatever's in the fridge

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