Monday 31 October 2016

Going up and going down in Lanzarote ! #WhatsYourAdventure

Trips100 have teamed up with The Family Adventure Company to inspire people to travel a little more adventurously this year, even with kids in tow, and they've asked bloggers to create a blog post sharing their most memorable family travel adventure. I always think it's sad when people say they can't go abroad because they have young children - Pierre is only six and he's already been to Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey and Lanzarote, as well as various regions of France and the UK. The first time we took him on holiday, he wasn't even a year old but with a combination of breastfeeding and a baby carrier that folded up so small that it could go in our hand luggage, he really was no trouble at all !

Trying to decide on one extra-special family holiday memory was tough - coming across a herd of wild camels in the mountains in Morocco was pretty spectacular, as was wandering around the ancient city of Ephesus in Turkey - but I think, in terms of unique, unforgettable adventures, we hit a high point this year in Lanzarote.

The first glimpse of Lanzarote can be quite unsettling because it looks like you've landed on the moon ! It's rocky, black and totally barren with endless lava fields as far as the eye can see. We couldn't come to Lanzarote and not get up close to the volcanoes, so a trip to Timanfaya National Park was definitely on the cards.

The highlight of the trip, especially as far as Pierre was concerned (he'd have stayed there watching it all day !), was watching a man pouring water down a hole where it was turned into steam by the underground heat and thrown up in a pretty impressive water spout. This guy definitely must have the most enjoyable job in the world, especially as it always makes everyone jump and squeal !

If you want to tick off another "unique experience" box, how about eating chicken cooked over the heat of a volcano ?! Unfortunately, it was mid-morning when we visited, to avoid the rush later in the day, so it was too early to stop for lunch. I'd like to say that we'll do it some other day, but let's be honest, it's highly unlikely !

We did manage to have another totally unique experience though - going down to the sea bed in a yellow submarine !

Pierre was slightly apprehensive but even more excited as we clambered down the ladder and took our seats.

Before long, we were pointing out passing fish and looking at a couple of sunken fishing boats.

Just before heading back up to the surface, a diver came past the porthole, releasing food to attract more fish for us to see.

We'd mentioned that it was Sophie's birthday when we booked, but it was a huge surprise for all of us when the diver swam past holding up a happy birthday sign for her !

Definitely a totally unforgettable experience - and she even got to keep the sign as a special souvenir when we resurfaced !

The question is, where will we go next? We're debating Cuba, or maybe Bulgaria or Corsica. I'd love to go somewhere really far flung where everything, from the landscapes and food to daily life, would be totally exotic and different to what we already know. 

Disclosure : This is my entry for the Trips100/Family Adventure Company blogger challenge.


  1. Looks like a brilliant place to go on holiday. We enjoy travelling with the family too and have lots of places we want to go. There's just so many places to see

  2. I does look very interesting with lots of things to do and explore. We relly must go there sometime!

  3. A nice place to visit. My son would llike to watch the man pouring water and then it spouting up with a noise and the submarine looks cool too

  4. Looks like a great country! I've never been there myself :)

  5. Looks good thing we might go here next year!


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