Thursday 6 October 2016

Revisiting Poland with this month's Kitchen Trotter box

This month's Kitchen Trotter box has just arrived and when I discovered the destination, I couldn't help but smile. You may remember that last year, I visited Gdynia in Poland on a work trip, so I am really pleased to be able to introduce the rest of the Madhouse family to some of the types of food that I tasted while over there. (Click through to my Poland label if you want to learn more about Gdynia, Gdansk, Sopot and what we got up to while we were there.)

I love this kind of box that is full of genuine exotic products with authentic labels from the countries they represent. In this box, I discovered some dried porcini mushrooms and some poppy seeds.

Some pearl barley and chocolate orange matchsticks.

Some more Polish sweets (these ones are peanut caramels), some grated horseradish (I still have the powdered horseradish from the Russian box !) and some Smalec. I tasted smalec when in Poland and we found it to be very greasy - we were told it's a mixture of bacon fat and pork scratchings so it's hardly surprising ! - but I'm willing to give it another try. I was very excited about the little gadget - a pierogi mould - because I tried pierogis in Poland and have been wanting to recreate them at home ever since !

So, which recipes are in this month's booklet?

As a starter, smalec on toast with horseradish

Porcini mushroom pierogis. (I may have to try the mashed potato and cheese ones that we tried and loved in Gdynia too.)

Krupnik, a pearl barley soup

And for dessert, Makowiec, a poppyseed roll.

I'll be back soon to share the recipes with you, but if you're already in the mood for Polish food, you might like to try my recipes for BigosGolabkiKielbasa & Polish ColeslawKielbasa, Potato & Spinach Fry UpPierogis #1 & Pierogis #2 and Zurek - Sour Rye Soup 

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