Saturday 1 October 2016

U Hugs Season 2 review

You may remember us reviewing U Hugs back at the start of the year - click through to read our original review. They are cool, customisable figurines that come with interchangeable accessories so that you can personalise your doll to reflect your mood and personality. Since launching in the spring, these funky little mascots have taken the UK by storm with over 20K followers on PopJam and a huge (or should that be hug !) YouTube following too. We recently received some of the newly released Season 2 dolls and they are just as cute and equally sassy as the original series.


We received Lazy Hero and Snowy Girl, who would be absolutely perfect as a festive stocking filler for a teen or tween-aged girl. When we first pulled them out of the box, our initial reaction was that Lazy Hero looked very cool, funky and laid-back, whereas Snowy Girl looked rather grumpy and serious.

The best thing about U Hugs, though, is being able to mix and match them to give them a complete makeover, so we pulled off the different pins to start afresh. Each U Hugs doll has sixteen holes for you to accessorise with your choice of facial features, clothes, shoes (which can be flipped around for extra choice) and fashion accessories. Each doll has its own exclusive accessories but you can swap them around with other U Hugs dolls and also buy additional pin packs so you have even more styles to choose from.

We gave them a new look and identity, so that suddenly Snowy Girl was as cool as her name and Lazy Hero looked decidedly stressed !

Each doll has a handy storage compartment in the back to save losing all the little accessories, and also comes with a diamond pin on the top of its head to symbolise the U Hugs family, as well as a hook so that you can hang your dolls up.

The other U Hugs dolls in this series are Cheeky Kitten, Sweety Robot, Time Off Elf and Thorny Flower.

RRP : £14.99

Available in all major toy stores.

for more information : and follow U Hugs on popjam @UHugsOfficial

If you want to catch up on Season 1 U Hugs :

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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