Thursday 13 October 2016

How much fun can you have with a bag of Bugles ?!

Back over the summer (where on earth is the time going ?!), Bugles sent us some of their crunchy cone-shaped snacks, along with news of a fabulous event to mark their UK launch.

They had commissioned a giant 5’8 enchanted castle and dragon sculpture made entirely of Walkers Bugles ! The structure was created by Jacqui Kelly and curated by Miss Cakehead, it took over 200 hours to construct and used an impressive 21,500 Bugles to create with each flavour depicting a different element of the colossal cone-struction. Cheese Bugles arranged into intricate geometric patterns emulate the fortified sandstone walls and turrets of the castle, whilst the Southern BBQ Bugles, which playfully overlap each other, portray the scales of the mischievous dragon. Sour Cream and Black Pepper crushed cones also represent the grassy castle grounds.

They asked us if we'd like to have a go at creating our own Bugles sculpture, which made me laugh, but the Madhouse kids are huge fans of Bugles so I knew they'd be up for the challenge ! We went for something much simpler than the impressive dragon sculpture though - we decided to see if we could recreate any Bugle-fied famous monuments and had great fun, even if they weren't hugely successful. In the end, the biggest difficulty was stopping the kids from eating them all before we'd finished !

We started off by practising standing them up - this was the easy part !

Balancing extra Bugles on top horizontally was slightly more tricky but it gave us ... can you guess?! ... Stonehenge ! I love the way I accidentally snapped Pierre mid-munching in the background !

Now, what about this one ? Can't you tell ? It's the O2 Arena ... obviously !

Pierre was getting into the spirit of things now - "Look Mum, I'm the Statue of Liberty !". I love the way he's gone totally cross-eyed looking at the Bugle balancing on the end of his cheese stick ! How wide can he open his mouth too ?! I'm impressed, I think !

By far, the easiest option was making them into witchy fingers though. Now how's that for a simple Halloween costume ?!

Disclosure : We received some Bugles to eat and/or play with !


  1. Perfect for Halloween
    Me- I just like eating them

  2. That's pretty cool. I will found it very difficult to make anything with it.😀


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