Wednesday 26 October 2016

Halloween crafting : Our Pizza Box Minions Vampire

As it's the school holidays, I'd been promising Pierre that we would do some crafting and sure enough, right from the moment he got up on day one of the holidays, that's what he wanted to do. I always have a #KitchenClearout every time I'm on holiday, but I decided that a #CraftsCupboardClearout was long overdue. Looking at all the bottles of paint that we found, I was right !

We happened to have a frozen pizza box sitting on top of the bin waiting to be recycled and as I looked at the shape, I had an idea. It looked just like a Minion with a vampire cape !

Luckily, the Madhouse kids shared my creative vision and before long, it was taking shape.

 We added some teeth, a star and some cotton wool hair and he was complete. Pierre thinks it's hilarious that from the back, he still looks just like a piza box !

 Happy Halloween !


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