Monday 28 October 2013

"Dear Diary" Kids' Filofax Blogging Challenge

Filofax recently came up with a fun blogger challenge for the kids - they sent through a funky Springboard Filofax and some colouring pencils and invited the kids to make a half-term diary.

This gives you the idea - you write on one side what you did and then draw a cute picture on the other side. I explained to the kids what needed to be done then left them to it. Bad move. They used totally the wrong pages. Never mind, it still made me laugh, so here are their pages for the start of the holidays.

I was just telling you about going to a christening (and wandering about cobbled streets and castle ruins in high heels !) earlier. Here is the kids' take on the day !

I love seeing what seemed most important to the kids when we do stuff - it was obviously making the mess that appealed to them the most here !

This was before the wind hit - I wonder how many conkers are left in the trees now. Not many I bet !

Disclosure : We received a Filofax and some coloured pencils in order to take part in the "Dear Diary" Kids' Filofax Blogging Challenge.

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