Sunday 13 October 2013

The Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge #3 : Magical Mys-deli Bus Tour

You may remember, last week I rose to two of the challenges laid down by Mission Deli Wraps for their Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge - putting the kids in charge of lunch for a week and coming up with a week's worth of ways to eat tomatoes. This week they upped the stakes ! We had the choice of these challenges :

1) Mini ‘wrappers’ - get the kids to make up the lyrics to a ‘wrap’ about their lunch
2) Have lunch in a less ordinary location! Send us your photos collage at the end of the week – we’re looking for the most creative wrap lunches and locations!
3) Have lunch in your own mini mardi gras – check out the images we’ve sent you as inspiration!
4) Lunchtime less ordinary bus tour. Take some wraps and go enjoy the sights of your local area

It's been a crazy week at work with non-stop meetings so I haven't had much time to get creative so far. Today, after spending the morning tied up in parent-teacher meetings, I bundled everyone on to a bus to see some of the local sights ... with some wraps to eat on the way of course. As I was the only one to know (roughly) where we were going, I told them it was a Magical Mys-deli Tour on the bus !

I wasn't actually that sure of where to head but we spotted something rather exciting on the way. Bye bye bus, hello friendly alpaca ! 

And a cute little (and apparently pregnant?) Shetland pony.

This could actually double up for the lunch in a less ordinary location challenge too - we had our lunch at the travelling circus ! Now, who's the biggest clown in this picture ?!

Pierre is looking very worried but it's not because he doesn't like his wrap.

He was rather concerned that this cheeky camel wanted to have a nibble on his lunch !

 I was more worried about the llama spitting at us !

Juliette got up close the cute little pony.

While Pierre had me in hysterics when he cried : 'Mummy, the llama's pooing lots and lots of Maltesers " !

Speaking of chocolate, I'd phoned the kids in advance to tell them to sort out some wraps for lunch to take on our adventure and I said they could put whatever they wanted in them, being as adventurous as they wanted. The result was ... Nutella, banana slices and silver balls from the baking cupboard ! They were actually really nice and the silver balls gave them a lovely added crunch. Not something I'd eat every day though, I must admit !

We headed off to a park next to make the most of the autumn sunshine.

You're never too old for playing on the swings and roundabouts !

The final highlight of the day was this huge horse chestnut tree.

It's been so windy for the past couple of days that literally hundreds of conkers had been blown down and the kids went crazy collecting a big bagful !

We had great fun on our lunchtime adventure discovering unexpected sights along the way. I can see the kids asking to do this again next week !

To help the nation liberate its lunch, Mission Deli Wraps have also launched a new on pack competition, giving you the chance to have lunch in some of the most exciting places in the world or £10,000 cash. To be in with a chance of winning, simply pick up a promotional pack, enter the unique code into the competition app on MissionWrapsUK Facebook or via the website at, step in the Mission elevator and see which floor you visit!

The winning prizes include trips to experience:
-Mardi Gras in New Orleans
- La Tomatina in Valencia
- Holi Fest in India
- Camel racing in the Sahara
- Meeting an Amazon tribe

Runners up prizes include:
Rough Guide’s Make The Most of Your Time on Earth book and bespoke picnic hampers worth £50.

Disclosure : This is my entry for the Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge - find out more at I'll be receiving some wraps and am in the running to win some fab prizes.

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  1. Lovely photos, Cheryl! I bet Eddie would have been fascinating by pooping llama too.

    1. LOL I can't compete with your pooping helicopter though !!


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