Thursday 3 October 2013

The Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge #2 : Put the kids in charge of lunch for a week

We had a slight conflict of interests for this week's Lunch Less Ordinary challenges from Mission Deli Wraps. I was busy planning the week's meals incorporating tomatoes (for the first challenge) when the kids noticed that one of the other challenges was to put them in charge of the week's lunches. Well, we couldn't do both, so I said that they could do a menu plan that we'll use in the holidays. Here's what they came up with :

Monday - Sandwushi (that's half sandwich, half sushi) - take a wrap, spread it with something sticky to hold it all together (cheese spread is ideal), a slice of ham and some grated cheese (or carrot or a mixture of both), roll it up and cut it into mini rolls. (Use cocktail sticks to hold them together if necessary.)

Tuesday - Loch Ness Bagel Monsters. I loved seeing the kids' faces the last time I served these up and was secretly very pleased when they asked to have them again !

Wednesday - Turtle-tastic pitta pockets. Can you see a theme developing here? Anything that involves playing with your food appears to be high on their list ! Cut a pitta in two, cut a strip off one half to make the feet. Stuff both pockets with the filling of your choice (tuna, sweetcorn, finely chopped cucumber and mayonnaise works well because it's sticky enough not to fall out) and stand them up side by side. Use a tiny dab of cheese spread to stick on raisin eyes. Chop the final strip into four squares for feet.

Thursday - Homemade Pizzas. Last time, we used wraps as an instant pizza base which worked really well. Juliette's Union Jack-inspired design was voted the best ! Everybody makes their own individual pizza using whichever toppings they want.

Friday -Clown Quesadillas. I promised we'd make these and then never found the time ! As I've said many times before, it's all in the presentation.

Saturday - Mouse Pizza. Hmm pizza twice in a week, but I'll let them off because the last one used wraps as a base and had mainly healthy toppings ! Make a simple pizza dough and shape it into a mouse shape (basically a slight heart shape). Cook as normal then use cherry tomato halves for eyes, an olive for a nose and Cheestrings for whiskers !

Sunday - Roast chicken with roast potatoes and lots and lots of gravy. (Hmm they left out all mention of the accompanying vegetables - nice try !) It would appear that even playing with your food can't knock the traditional Sunday roast off the menu plan - thanks goodness for that. I didn't fancy tucking into mini hot dogs for Sunday lunch !!

Disclosure : This is my entry for the Lunch Less Ordinary Blogger Challenge - find out more at I'll be receiving some wraps and am in the running to win some fab prizes.

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  1. these look like really fun kiddy friendly lunches that'll be sure to be eaten x

  2. Love the word sandwushi! What fun, all you dishes, yummy and entertaining

    1. I was expecting worse (all chicken nuggets and fishfingers) so I was pleasantly surprised by what they picked ! :)


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