Monday 14 October 2013

This week's must-try recipes 14/10/13

Time for another round-up of tasty treats and dishes that I've spotted in the blogosphere over the past couple of weeks - yum ! I know what I'll be making during the school holidays !

A 2-minute mug cake that looks utterly gorgeous from Gingey Bites  - this one is begging to be tried when the kids get home from school on a cold, rainy afternoon !

Alison at Dragons and Fairy Dust made these Mincemeat Biscuits which will be ideal for using up a jar of mincemeat that's lurking in the back of my cupboard.

An American classic that I've often heard of but never tried - Snickerdoodles from United Cakedom.

There seems to be a definite cake theme going on this week ! Romanian Mum's Halloween Pumpkin Cupcakes sound perfect as a half term project too.

And a savoury option to finish with from the ever-talented Galina - I love the look of these Golubtsy in Tomato Sauce.

Hmmmm !

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  1. Those mug cakes look delicious! and very warm which I'm not at the moment. I think I need to do some mid-week baking this week.

    Sharon x

  2. Thank you for your kind mention! I have just baked a batch of squash muffins. Those pumpkin cakes look lovely

  3. The mug cakes are genius!! Whoever thought of them needs a

  4. Definitely need to try the mug cake. Perfect for someone who loves to bake but just hasn't the time these days!

  5. Ohhh those mincemeat biscuits look fab! Great idea!

  6. Oh thanks hon! great ideas!I might try that 2 minute cake :)

  7. OOh looks like the mug cakes are going down well! Thanks again Cheryl for including my post in this fab round up!

    1. I still haven't tried them - really must, next week !!


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