Monday 19 September 2011

Meningitis Awareness Week - 'counting the costs of Meningitis' campaign

Just the word meningitis is enough to send a shiver down the spine of all parents. As soon as your child gets spots, one of the first thoughts to cross your mind is "what if it's something more sinister than just chickenpox or heat rash ?" How many of you have gone rushing for a glass to push on the spots to see if they disappear or not, then panicking because you can't remember if they're supposed to disappear or not !

To mark Meningitis Awareness Week which launches tomorrow (19th September),  the Meningitis Research Foundation are launching their 'counting the costs of Meningitis' campaign - this is an online petition to call on the UK government to pursue the widest and earliest implementation of vaccines against meningitis & septicaemia to prevent the disease.

The shocking lifelong costs of surviving meningitis and septicaemia have been examined at length by MRF, and to highlight the impact of the disease they've put together this short video to run alongside the campaign:

There's also a link that takes you directly to the petition page :

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  1. I've signed the petition! Thanks for spreading the word of a fantastic cause! I don't know any mums that wouldn't support this!!


  2. Very nice posting. I really appriciate it.


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