Monday 19 September 2011

Ella's Kitchen : The Orange One review and free sample offer

We've already sampled many Ella's Kitchen products here at The Madhouse - their single fruit squeezy pouches (here), their organic toddler pasta (here), their Nice Rice Just For Me toddler rice (here), their baby cookies (here), their Bakey-Bakies (here) and their baby food pouches (here) - so when we were asked if we'd like to try out a pouch of their latest product - The Orange One - that was a total no-brainer. The kids - not just 2-year-old Pierre but also his big sisters - have always loved everything they've tried.

As a parent, I also love the fact that I am safe in the knowledge that it's all healthy food with no added nasties so I don't have to feel guilty about giving shop-bought food to the kids. In fact, the fruit pouches are a brilliant way of getting them to eat healthy food and are perfect for popping in my bag for snacks on the go.

The new orange pouch joins the rest of the Smoothie Fruit range. Ella's Kitchen explain : "The Orange One is made from 100% organic squished oranges, mangoes, guavas and bananas - tropical new flavours to get your kids taste buds tingling! Kids love to shake, squeeze and slurp our Smoothie Fruits as a fun snack and they're a great way for big little people to enjoy at least 1 of the 5 lovely pieces of recommended fruit + veg each day!"

Usually I would share a cute photo of Pierre devouring the goodies with you but this time, it went so fast that by the time I'd grabbed the camera, it was all gone ! Oops ! That says it all though really !

Fabulous news for you is that Ella's Kitchen are currently giving away 15,000 pouches of The Orange One so you can give it a try for free. Just head on over here and fill in your details, but hurry up before they've all gone !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : 69p per 90g pack

currently available exclusively in Sainsbury's

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  1. Thanks for the review and letting us know. I'm getting a free sample for the little one.

  2. My baby Seth went through a stage of only eating Ella's Kitchen which was an expensive addiction - lol. But they really are full of only the most decent of ingredients and I could feed my baby them guilt free (knowing there was no JUNK or fillers in them). He's now happy to eat my cooking (to his peril - haha) but I'm still a big fan of Ella's Kitchen fruit pouches and I always use them when we go out for the day as they are so handy and mess free!
    I absolutely love all things orange flavoured so look forward to letting mynlittle one try this :)


  3. I've already missed out on the free sample offer - but never mind, will buy and try (I am a regular buyer of Ella's Kitchen products for my 11 mo daughter)

  4. "excellent products for babies :)
    The small bear on the bottle is so sweet "

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