Monday 19 September 2011

This September welcomes Colgate’s Oral Health Month

A little while ago, I blogged about Colgate's Healthy Mouth Challenge (here). Well, this month is Colgate’s Oral Health Month and, as you can see from the shiny new badge in my sidebar, they've asked me to be a Healthy Mouth Ambassador. It's simple to get involved in Colgate’s Healthy Mouth Mission this September by watching their videos packed full of good advice, taking up their challenges and going along to one of the Colgate Oral Health Month Roadshows 2011. Read on for more details ...


This September welcomes Colgate’s Oral Health Month, which is now in its ninth year running. The aim of the campaign is to engage and educate the British nation on the importance of adopting a good oral care regime.

Colgate’s ambition is to create a nation of healthy smiles with the launch of a Healthy Mouth Mission: . Research into 13,000 people’s dental care habits*, conducted by the Health and Social Care Information Centre, informed Colgate’s creation of the Mission.

Results show that:

· Just 10% of adults in England and Wales have perfect oral health

· More than a quarter (26%) of adults brush just once a day or less

· Only 31% of adults use mouthwash

· On average adults only change their toothbrushes every seven and a half months (1.6 times a year), rather than as recommended every three months

· Over a third (39%) of adults don’t get regular dental check-ups

Colgate’s Healthy Mouth Mission aims to encourage the adoption of better daily oral care regimes through a set of simple challenges:

1. Complete the Healthy Mouth Challenge

2. Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste
3. Replace your toothbrush regularly
4. Start using mouthwash daily

5. Book an appointment with your dentist

By signing up to Colgate’s Healthy Mouth Mission, you will be in with a chance of winning great weekly prizes worth over £2,000 every week during the month of September, at .

About the Roadshows:

Throughout Oral Health Month, Dental Hygienists will tour the country encouraging people to sign up to the ‘Healthy Mouth Mission’, as well as offering free oral care advice and Colgate product samples to more than 20,000 shoppers. As a pilot this year, dental nurses will be visiting selected schools giving talks to pupils to encourage positive oral health habits from an early age. Over 8,500 Dental practises will also be on board, supplying patients with samples and information.

for more information :

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  1. what happened to Scotland? do we not have teeth north of the border?? Colgate sell plenty up here!!

    Have often wondered if it takes 2 mins to clean your teeth with a manual brush why does it still take 2 mins with an electric brush which cleans an awful lot quicker than i can


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