Saturday 17 September 2011

Ellos review : Fashion with a Scandinavian spirit !

A few weeks ago, I signed up with Best British Bloggers, a blogger outreach network which matches up bloggers with brands for, as they say, "sneak previews of new products, invitations to exclusive events and fantastic networking opportunities" (I know, I know, you all want to go and sign up so head over to their website when you've finished reading my review !)

They matched me up with Ellos, a brand I'd never heard of so I went straight off to investigate their website. Their facebook page explains that Ellos was founded in 1947 in Sweden, its catchphrase is "Ellos : Fashion with a Scandinavian spirit!" and they promise that "with an extensive range of Women's, Mens' and Children's clothing, Ellos is your answer to clean, fresh Scandinavian style for the whole family, all at great prices".

I headed over to the website, - noticing on the way that they also have Ellos sites in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and France - and spotted at the bottom of the screen that is powered by La Redoute, a long-standing French brand that already had a very long history in France before coming to the UK 14 years ago. I actually find this extremely reassuring, as I'm always wary of buying from online companies that I've never heard of before.

I was allowed to choose whatever I wanted from the site so first of all, I spent a good hour browsing through the wide collection of clothes on offer, trying to choose just one item from the dozens of things that leapt out at me. My first impressions were extremely positive - lovely items that are very wearable and practical, low prices and - I was absolutely astounded to see - sizes that go from 4 - 60, without forcing larger ladies to go through a separate plus-size department and, even better, with all sizes costing the same price. You can browse by type of clothing, size, colour and price so finding exactly what you want is a really simple process.

I decided to opt for a pair of jeans. The first pair that I selected were almost out of stock, so they were only available in very limited size and colour options. In the time it took me to place my order (via Best British Bloggers, not directly through Ellos, as you usually would), the item I had chosen had become unavailable so my advice is, don't hang about when you've found something to take your fancy !

I found another pair of jeans that I liked that cost £49, although there are much cheaper options if your budget can't stretch to that. They're a great fit, great quality and well cut and I'm really happy with them.

If you love hunting out bargains, you might like to follow Ellos on facebook and twitter where they sometimes give out discount or free delivery codes, making the prices even better value. I've bookmarked the site and will definitely keep checking back for new additions to the collections, not just for me but for the whole family.

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  1. I'd never heard of this brand the clothes look really nice, love the cut of the jeans! x

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  4. These clothes look gorgeous, just what you need for the cold weather, I especially like the lovely coat in the first picture!

  5. never heard of this brand before but they look great!

  6. Me too I've never heard of this brand before... although I obvioulsy know about La Redoute and its associated casual brand "Somewhere".

  7. Wow! Never heard of Ellos before - just check dit out and they have the most lovely coats - think I'll be getting one of those for this aut/winter


  8. Have not heard of them either but love Scandinavian clothes - always look nice.

  9. I've never heard of them but from the pictures I like what I see

  10. I like what I see and I like a company that carry plus sizes l will be ordering something and I will comments on their brand


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