Wednesday 7 September 2011

Minene 3 in 1 Activity Mat/ Baby Nest / Toddler Settee

As a parent, it's always tough trying to work out how to make your baby equipment budget stretch as far as possible and decide what is an absolute must-buy and what you can do without. The worst part about buying things for babies is that they grow up so fast, you often only get a few months' use out of them so it's hard to make them cost-effective. Products that "grow" with baby are absolutely ideal so I love the look of this fabulous 3-in-1 activity mat, which is quite unlike anything else I've ever seen before. Read on for more information :

The innovative 3 In 1 Activity Mat... The play mat that grows with your child

The Minene 3 in 1 Activity Mat is an innovative product with a difference. The mat can be used from birth to 5 years giving your child years of use. The mat easily adjusts from a large cushioned play mat into a snug baby pen or a mini sofa.

BABY PEN 0-4 MONTH: By folding the sides up and fastening with the zips and velcro, the flat play mat becomes a safe & secure play pen for your baby.

PLAY MAT 0-12 Month: Then, when your little one is ready to explore further a field simply undo the fasteners and the mat becomes a large padded activity mat with attached soft toys.

MINI SOFA 1-4 YEARS: When your child has crawled off the mat to explore the world around them, it folds into a soft sofa on which your child can continue to sit and play for years of use on their very own sofa

Available in 4 vibrant colours for £76 at


Every now and then a company comes along that completely shakes up an industry. For the nursery industry, that company is Minene. After making a huge splash at the 2011 baby shows, Minene is the company everyone is talking about. They design and manufacture high-end innovative nursery products that are taking the UK by storm.

Minene (my child) was established in Israel in 2005 by three mothers with a vision to create practical yet stylish products for the new generation of parents, babies and toddlers. Their range of products include: changing bags, cot bedding, activity mats, bibs, pushchair accessories, towels, muslins, baby clothing & more. All products have been meticulously designed with clever features to make parents lives as easy as possible.

"We all know that being a parent is hard enough without all the day-to-day annoyances of badly designed nursery products" says Sharon Levy, one of the mums behind Minene. "We simply wanted to make mums lives easier with a range of products that have been well thought out and well designed. For example, our multipurpose 3 in1 Activity Mat accommodates different stages of a child's development changing from a play pen to a play mat and finally to a comfy sofa, saving parents from buying three different products". Their award-winning bedding is another example of their ingenuity. The 100% jersey cotton sheets come with three detachable dribble pads that can simply be replaced instead of changing the sheet when the area becomes wet.

Their revolutionary changing bags are also creating quite a buzz. With a growing celebrity following these multi-functional changing bags are a must-have for all new mums. "As mums ourselves we understand that one changing bag isn't always going to cut it, so we came up with a range of changing bags that can be split in to two and even four separate bags, making sure you are covered for all possible outings from weekends away to popping out to the shops. They even come with multi-wear straps so they can be worn as a traditional shoulder bag or as a backpack and even attach on to your pushchair" says Sharon.

Minene are constantly introducing new and exciting products to their existing collections and have just launched their brand new UK website

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  1. i love this concept, very clever! i love how it turns into a sofa for toddlers, my little boy would love it! xx

  2. what a fantastic idea! love this and one which all homes need with a small child!!

  3. Brilliant idea! expecting a baby in feb always great to see new innovative products

  4. This is really cool! Thanks for the review.

  5. This is such a great idea - how many people spend a fortune on a baby mat only for them to be redundant in 6 months? I love how this turns into a mini sofa!! My little 4 year old would love to have one of these in her room x

  6. This is a great idea, I will let my sister in law know, she is pregnant with her first child

  7. this looks fab, love how it grows with your child!

  8. Wow! I'd never heard of this before! Love the mini sofa - amazing !



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