Sunday 25 September 2011

Want to play ? Spot the review product !

OK, it's time for a little game - spot the review product ! I've had so many tasty nibbles to try out lately that I decided to make up a little (well, it actually ended up rather large !) tasting platter for me and Madhouse Daddy Mike tonight. I know a lot of you fellow bloggers have been reviewing the same brands so I thought I'd set you a little challenge - spot the review products ! Answers below the image - no cheating now !

OK, in a clockwise direction :

-Penn State Gammon & Mustard Pretzels
- unearthed Spicy Salsiccia (reviewed here)
- Italian bread
- Weightwatchers chocolate biscuit
- Branston peanuts and crackers
- Good Natured cucumber (reviewed here)
- Davidstow Cornish Classic Lighter cheddar (reviewed here)
- Heinz mayonnaise (reviewed here)
- 2 types of Spanish olives

and the carrots were my own, bought from the market this morning !

So that's a grand total of ten review products in one meal - I think that's a record even for me !!

Look out for the other reviews coming soon - and feel free to link through to your reviews, if you've reviewed them too. I love to swap notes and see what other people think of things we're trying here at The Madhouse !

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