Thursday 15 September 2011

Angel Delight Ice Cream Mix review

A little while ago, I was asked if I'd like to try out a sachet of Angel Delight's new Whisk & Freeze Ice Cream mix - so new in fact that it won't even hit the shelves for a while yet. 45,000 free samples of the new product have been sent out to Facebook fans and bloggers but it won't launch in retail outlets until 2012.

The sachet contains a fine white powder (this was vanilla flavour but I'm not sure if other variants exist or are in the pipeline) which you just need to mix with milk.

The instructions tell you to use an electric whisk to beat the ice cream mix but I did ours by hand, using our funky mini chicken whisk. It mixed in really easily - althoug whisking it directly in the rectangular ice cream tub was not a good idea because it was hard to get to the powder in the corners !

Angel Delight suggest adding optional extras at this point - fresh fruit, chocolate chips or caramel sauce for example. We opted for hundreds and thousands and mixed in a generous sprinkle.

After a minimum of four hours in the freezer (we left ours until the next day), the ice cream is ready to eat. My only other experience of making home-made ice cream was when we reviewed Easiyo (here) and, in comparison, I thought the Angel Delight mix stayed a bit flat. I was expecting it to expand a bit more. As I set about breaking it up into pieces and softening it up a bit, Sophie got busy with the chocolate letters !

There was just enough for three bowlfuls, which meant there was none left for me - sniff ! As we're a family of five, I would like to see a bigger sized pack. (Or maybe it didn't increase in volume so much because I whisked by hand rather than with an electric whisk.)

I did have a little taste though and loved the really strong vanilla flavour and impressive creaminess of the ice cream. I would never have thought this was ice cream made from a packet, as it tasted just as good as shop bought, ready made ice cream.

All three Madhouse mini testers gave it a huge thumbs up and asked if there was any more !

They were really impressed at being able to make their own ice cream too, especially when they realised how delicious it was.

We'll definitely be looking out for this when it hits the shops. We'll have to pick up two packs next time though to make sure there's enough to go round !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : not sure as it hasn't hot the shops yet

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  1. I used to love angel delight as a child!

  2. I tried this recently as well, I agree it tasted really nice but the packets need to be a bit bigger

  3. I also got one of these, and being posh I popped mine into the ice-cream maker. well it was a new freebie at the time and i was shoving everything in

    Had to laugh at oh as I said to him its vanilla do you want me to flavour it (good old strawberry powder), but he said no....and then moaned when it was

    Anyway it didnt puffle up a huge deal either in the ice-cream maker which beats the air into ice-cream, hubby said it was a bit grainy but nice enough...and he ate it all in one sitting so it must have been ok...

    bigger packs would be handy for a family, I mind mum use to but instant whip in our house of 6 as it used 1pt milk when we were kids, angel delight was always 1/2 pt so she needed 2 and that was dearer.

  4. I will try! My 3.5 is crazy about ice cream, and I must say, I did not know it could be that easy to make homemade ice cream!

  5. Great review thank you - love your photos too :)

  6. Ooh this looks wonderful - didn't even know it existed! Wonder if I could use my son's lactose free formula milk to make this?? Hhmmm think I'll check the back of the packet next time I'm in the supermarket - hopefully there's no milk products in the powder so I can make some for my little lad :)


  7. I received a sample of this but not tried it yet waiting to half term and will make it with my niece. Think we are going to add chocolate chips to it!

  8. We eat Angel Delight all the time. I got one of these free packs too. We're a family of 7! Who will I leave out in the serving? Shame they only sent me one pack. I haven't tried it yet, but I hope mine goes all fluffy like the normal whips do.


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