Tuesday 6 September 2011

Children's DVD review : Humf and the Fluffy Thing

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When I was at my mum and dad's for a few days last month, we watched a bit of Celebrity Big Brother (which I hadn't been following - funnily enough it hadn't made it to Turkey or Brittany !) and Madhouse Grandad - who's a bit of a loveable loon if you haven't worked it out already ! - cracked me up by telling me (falsely) that each of the female candidates in turn was The Hoff's ex-wife ! "She was with The Hoff" turned into a bit of a catchphrase so, when our preview copy of the brand new Humf DVD arrived, that just made us laugh even more !

If you've never heard of Humf, he's ... well I don't know what he is really ! He's not an ageing ex-Baywatch star with a weak point for talking cars though ! I started off calling him a friendly purple monster but Juliette said he couldn't be a monster because he isn't scary, he's nice. Fair enough !

Whatever he is, he's a lovable, kind-hearted, cuddly character who gets up to lots of great adventures with his best friends Loon and Wallace, exploring the world around them, and your pre-schoolers are sure to love him to bits.

Narrated by leading British actress Caroline Quentin, Humf can be seen everyday on Nick Jr where it has been entertaining young children and parents since 2009. The show currently ranks in Nick Jr’s Top 5 shows and, following unprecedented consumer demand, the first Humf books and toys will launch this Autumn ensuring that Humf tops pre-schoolers wish lists this Christmas!

 The new DVD Humf and the Fluffy Thing will be available to buy from 12th September 2011 priced £9.99. It contains 10 fun-filled adventures but the great news is, it also includes a bonus disc containing an additional 6 episodes absolutely free. You could give one DVD to the kids now and keep the other as a stocking filler if you're a bit sneaky !

The episode listing for the main DVD is : Humf and the Fluffy Thing - Wallace's Quiet Game - Humf's Red Mittens - Humf Climbs a Mountain - Uncle Hairy's Restaurant - Uncle Hairy's Cinema - Mum and Dad's Party - Loon's Ballet Lesson - Humf's Surprise – Humf and the Bedbugs.

The free bonus disc has episodes entitled : Humf and Wallace Fall Down - Humf Changes His Mind - Humf's Dad Goes on an Aeroplane - Humf Puts it in the Bin - Humf's Dog - Wallace's Tie

2-year-old Pierre and 6-year-old Juliette didn't know Humf but they instantly fell in love with him and watched the DVD from start to finish. It's a lovely calm DVD, great for snuggling up on the settee to watch together when you want them to get in the right mindset for going to bed or for a wet Sunday afternoon's family viewing.

Look out for a giveaway coming up right here on my blog very soon to win your very own copy of the DVD !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £9.99 (but you can pre-order it for just £5.49 on amazon - see below)

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  1. This looks lovely - will watch out for it!

  2. we cannot wait to get our hands on this DVD!

  3. My DD loves HUMF, will be on her christmas list

  4. This looks like it will make a good xmas pressie :)

  5. My kids love Humf, so this will make a great xmas present

  6. This sounds great. Just right for my kids. I haven't seen any Humf as we don't have Sky.


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