Friday 30 September 2011

Own a colour and help save a child's life !

This sounds like a great way to help a worthy cause and is much more fun than throwing a pound in a charity collection box. I've been trying to decide which colour would best represent my life - the greeny-black of baby's first poo or the browny-green of indelible grass stains on the knees of brand new jeans ? Or maybe I could rename magnolia "regurgitated milk" and snigger every time people use it to repaint their walls ! Read on for more info :


Dulux has teamed up with children’s charity UNICEF to give people the chance to ‘own’ a colour for £1

The paint brand is offering people the opportunity to buy from a selection of 16.7 million colours – the number the average computer, smartphone and tablet can display – in an effort to raise £16.7million.

People who purchase a colour are able to rename it and have it displayed on a dedicated Dulux microsite. All money raised will go directly to the children’s charity UNICEF.

Matt Pullen, UK Marketing Director, from Dulux comments:

“Dulux has a mission of 'adding Colour to People's Lives' and is closely aligned to the vision of Own a Colour, which will harness the power of colour to have a positive impact on saving lives of children.”

Celebrities who already Own A Colour include Jemima Khan (CFC Blue), Duncan Bannatyne (Scottish Saltire Blue) and Sir Roger Moore (Swedish Blue).

To Own A Colour visit:  

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  1. That is such a nice idea. I put a link post on my blog too.

  2. What a great idea. I don't know what mine would be: some shade of purple I guess. Great for hiding stains, sticky finger marks and all sorts of body bits that little ones leave around or spread on you. With 5, I've had my fair share of stuff down me too.


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