Sunday 25 September 2011


As most of you know, blogging is just my hobby. My real job is teaching. So I couldn't not share this with you, could I ?!


WORLD TEACHERS’ DAY: Wednesday 5 October 2011

World Teachers’ day was created by UNESCO in 1994 as the day to ‘pay tribute to teachers worldwide’ to mark the essential contribution they make to providing quality education at all levels.

Emma Thompson, the award winning actress and screenwriter is asking parents, carers and their children to nominate a teacher or teaching assistant who has made a difference to their child’s education by thanking them online on .

“Amazing teachers have an incredible impact on the lives and life chances of the children they teach. Whether it is by helping them to achieve better grades, grow in self-confidence or by supporting them through a difficult time, it’s really important to say thank you. All the teachers recognised will receive a thank you card – and be entered for The Teaching Awards next year,” says Thompson who is President of The Pearson Teaching Awards.

Thank a Teacher is part of The Pearson Teaching Awards. The Pearson Teaching Awards are open to every school in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The awards were established by Lord Puttnam CBE. The current president is Emma Thompson. The awards programme identifies and celebrates exceptional teachers who are achieving outstanding results, often in the most challenging circumstances. The UK-wide awards ceremony is filmed and broadcast by BBC2 at the end of October each year. The 2011 Awards are sponsored by Pearson, the world’s leading learning company that provides educational content, technology and assessment services in over 60 countries.

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  1. I'm a Primary School Teacher in a very challenging school full of children who speak English As a Second Language and who have severe learning and behavioural difficulties! It's such hard work but when you do get through to one child it makes it all worth while. Teaching at our school involves giving the children the life experiences that we take for granted - a lot of these children have never been out of the house at the weekend - never been to the park, swimming or seen the sea! We aim to enrich the kids with these vital experiences to help them understand their world better! So we take them on loads and loads of trips and residentials - I love seeing their faces when they see the real world, and the fights in the playground keep me on my toes :-)



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