Wednesday 21 September 2011

Spooky bottle design and non-alcoholic Vimto cocktails for Halloween

A fiendishly good limited edition of the nation’s favourite fruity drink is set to hit the supermarket shelves this Halloween, as Vimto launches a range of specially designed bottles, perfect for themed parties and other Halloween fun.The spooky limited edition haunted house designs are available across all 2L bottles
of Fizzy Vimto, No Added Sugar and Cherry Vimto. These party sized bottles are great for sharing, so Vimto has designed a special range of creepy cocktail recipes that will add some seriously mixed up fun to your fancy dress frolics.

The limited edition Halloween bottles are available in all major supermarkets from early October, so start practising your creepy Vimto Halloween cocktails.

Here are some yummy Halloween themed Vimto thirst quenchers to keep your little ghouls, goblins and guests entertained!

Vimto’s Creepy Cocktail Recipes

Eyeball Surprise
A supernaturally simple concoction that every stylish spectre will be drinking this Halloween.

Use an ice cream scoop to make two ‘eyeballs’ of ice cream and press jelly sweets into each one to create the pupils. Place them in the bottom of a tall chilled goblet and recite a witches incantation. Fill the glass two thirds full of devilishly delicious fizzy Vimto and watch the fiendish foam froth over the top of the glass.

No Added Sugar Vimto
Spooky Strawberry Heart

This is a great drink to serve to a scare to your guests. Swirl some No Added Sugar Vimto in with some cranberry juice and pour into individual glasses. Keep up the fear factor with a ‘Bleeding Heart’ made out of a bbq stick speared strawberry. Simply dunk the ‘heart’ into the glass and serve chilled.

Cherry Vimto/ NAS Cherry Vimto
Blood Curdling Brew
The perfect cauldron concoction for witches and wizards everywhere!

Put the flesh of one chopped melon along with 10 crushed red seedless grapes into your cauldron (or glass if cauldron not available) and blend until they form a ghoulishly bloody pulp! Strain into a glass and top up with fiendishly fruity fizzy Cherry Vimto to create your brew.

Witches tip - Half-fill an ice cube tray with water, add a halved grape to each section and press a raisin into the centre and then freeze to create eyeball ice cubes!

Vimto’s Guide to Halloween Parties

Halloween is a boo-tiful excuse to have a spooky party, and you don’t need to live in Transylvania to pull it off! All you need is some imagination and you can host a great party without blowing the bank. Along with our Vimto creepy cocktail recipes, we’ve put together our top 5 tips on how get your party off with a scream:

1. Think of a theme – Whether you go with Murder Mystery, Ghost Town, Witches Party or Haunted House, a theme will help your guests decide what costumes to wear and make decorating more fun.

2. Make your invitations at home – Print off pictures of bats, ghosts and pumpkins and trace the silhouettes onto coloured paper. You can decorate these with glitter or paint them in spooky colours.

3. Get them at the front door – Your front door is the first thing your guests see so dress it up to the nines. Spattering with bloody handprints and gore is very gross - and very effective.

4. Use body parts! – If you really want to make a creepy impression at your party, make eyeballs out of mozzarella & olives, severed ear skewers with prawns and turn those party sausages into fingers!

5. Go for Gross Games - Put some slimy, squishy things into different areas of a box and have your kids guess what’s in it just by feeling around. Slimy things like jelly are great fun to guess and you’ll definitely get lots of squeals!

For more fun Halloween recipes, party tips and more visit the Vimto Facebook page at  or on Twitter @RealVimto.

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  1. i've never had vimto for years!

  2. Used to love vimto as a kid, but went off it suddenly when I hit my late teens... I suspect they changed the recipe.

  3. Some great ideas here, brilliant post as normal, love the 'cocktail' recipes.

  4. Love vimto and bookmarked for the cocktail recipes :)

  5. Vimto is becoming so popular now. In middle east it seems to be the number one drink used to break fast every evening during Ramadan. The shops are are chocked full of the stuff.

  6. Love Vimto! Will def make the cocktails this year as my son's birthday is quite close (3rd Nov) - think I'll make an alcoholic version for the mummies and daddies though as I suspect we'll need something stiffer with all those toddlers running around the house :)


  7. Great ideas for Halloween frolics, much easier than the coffin shaped cake I tried one year. It was a total disaster :)

  8. I haven't had Vimto for years, this has really made me fancy some, great ideas for Halloween too!

  9. I rediscovered Vimto about 2 years ago and have not been disappointed! It is so delicious and picks me up a treat! For a really great sugar rush mix it with full fat coke Yummy!
    I am going to try some of these recipes for our Hall of Horrors party!

  10. im not fussed on vimto but all the kids love it, especially in the nursery and this has given us some fab ideas


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