Sunday 18 September 2011

Vosene Extra Shine Headlice-Repellent Detangler Spray review

As I told you a few weeks ago (here), the lovely people at Vosene sent us a truly fabulous treasure chest full of goodies to ease us into the usual Back to School madness. We've been trying out the different Vosene Kids products that they put in the box, so look out for several reviews over the coming weeks.

As part of her new campaign to be considered "a big girl" now that she's moved up to big school, Juliette has swapped from having a bath to taking a shower instead. This means that she washes her own hair (or Sophie helps her if they take a shower together !) instead of me doing it. I don't know how she manages it but she always comes downstairs with totally messy and knotty hair. Last night, it was so tangled up that she could hang the brush in her hair because it got held by the knots, which she thought was very funny !

I was expecting lots of tears and whining when working my way through that lot with the brush but then Juliette skipped off to the bathroom and came back clutching the Vosene Extra Shine Detangler Spray. She may be a big girl now but she still absolutely loves the fact that it says "For Pretty Princesses" on the bottle ! I sprayed a couple of spritzes of the spray in her hair and told her to have a go at brushing out the knots herself.

She didn't say a word - not a single whinge or yelp of pain ! The brush did get snagged on a few knots but it just seemed to untangle them effortlessly and within a few minutes, she had sleek, shiny and above all knot-free hair.

The instructions on the bottle say that you can use it daily on damp washed hair which you can blow dry or leave to dry naturally or on dry hair in between washes. It says : "Our advanced complex of detangling and conditioning ingredients soften and smooth to instantly tame even the worst bed head, unruly knots and longest hair leaving you less stressed and your little princess with the prettiest look in the kingdom !"

But that's not all. The spray acts not only as a detangler but also as a headlice repellent because it contains natural headlice repellents Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Eucalyptus. These ingredients give the spray a strong but not unpleasant citrussy smell which perfumes the hair. I don't know if it's down to the Vosene or just pure luck but the girls have so far managed to avoid picking up headlice at school. Prevention is better than cure so we'll definitely be continuing to use the spray, especially as it is a very effective detangler as well as a headlice repellent.

Just one very slight word of wording - the label says that the Tea Tree aroma may affect epilepsy and acute asthma sufferers, and it also says that it shouldn't be used on under 3's. As long as you take that into account, I'd definitely put it on my list of back to school essentials.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.54 for 150ml

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  1. Thanks for the review - there are so many products to chose in this area, it's getting difficult to make a sound choice now.

  2. Don't need the detangler for my son but the head lice repellent bit sounds like a great idea, he has just started school so I am waiting for the day he comes back and says "mum my heads itching"

  3. Aww bless your little one using this so confidently - what a pro!
    Another useful review for when my baby grows up and grows more hair - lol


  4. my granddaughter is the same more knots than hair most evenings, but I have won a bottle of this from another blog a few months back that turned up today, so will try it out next week, (and then send it home with the kids).
    Might need to make sure she in another room to grandson as he is badly asthmatic.

  5. Thanks for the review. My daughters both have long, straight, thick and tangly hair. This would be great and would help prevent the "Ow, ow, ow!"s I get when I comb their hair!

  6. Thanks for the review and letting us know. I'm getting a free sample for the little one.

  7. Sometimes, everything works differently than you expected. thanks.!


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