Thursday 8 September 2011

WeightWatchers Fruit Crumble Biscuits review

Having never tried any of the WeightWatchers biscuit range, I have to admit that I was expecting a rather inferior quality biscuit when we were offered a box to review. When a couple of packs of WeightWatchers Fruit Crumble Biscuits popped through the letterbox, I was pleasantly surprised by the picture on the box but figured it had to have been photoshopped to make it look better ! But no, WeightWatchers really have come up with a range of biscuits that are as good as the non-healthy eating ones I usually indulge in.

Each biscuit, which is individually wrapped so it's perfect for slipping in your handbag or office drawer for a mid-afternoon snack that is low in calories (and a much better option than anything trying to attract your attention in the chocolate machine !), is a long crumbly biscuit base, topped with lovely gooey, fruity jam and sprinkled with crunchy crumbs. The jam is lovely and sweet and has a really pleasant fruity flavour so it's great for dealing with any cravings you may have for sugary things. Each bar, which weighs 22.5g, is bigger than a normal biscuit - it's slightly smaller than a typical cereal bar - so one is plenty as a snack and you still feel like you've had a naughty treat. Usually I'd go back to a pack of biscuits for a second one but the individual wrapping put me off doing this which is great news for your waistline.

Each biscuit contains 89 calories, 10.2g of sugars, 2.4g of fat, 1.2g of saturates and 0.1g of salt. If you are following the WeightWatchers ProPoints system, one biscuit counts for 2 points - but even if you're not, they're a great snack to enjoy that's not too heavy on the calories.

They come in two flavours - Apple, Blueberry & Raspberry and Apple, Apricot & Peach. We tried both and they got a huge thumbs up, even from the kids, which just goes to show that they taste lovely even when you don't take the WeightWatchers brand into account !

Don't write them off as inferior-quality diet food. Even if you're not watching your waistline, they're delicious.

star rating : 5/5 

RRP : £1.99 for a box of 6 x 22.5g

available in selected Sainsbury’s and Asda stores

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  1. These sound lovely, I really ned to lose some weight so will have to give them a try

  2. these sound nice - i am trying to lose a few pounds with weight watchers just now - sounds good for 2 points!

  3. Great. More food to help me lose weight. I will definitely keep an eye out for these. Thanks for the review.

  4. low calorie biscuits? gimme gimme!!

  5. I have recently been trying to diet. I have never been taught how to cook by my mother nevermind cook healthy meals so had to learn everything from scratch. I am a big fan of biscuits so will be looking out for these next time I go shopping!

  6. I tried these the other day, it's true they are genuinely nice biscuits.

  7. I'm struggling to shift my baby weight but really do find weight watcher stuff delicious (bar only a few exceptions). Love the micro meals when I'm having a busy day with the little one and dog!! :)



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