Wednesday 7 September 2011

Fab Gatsby Girls Kids Fashion from Next

Girls’ fashion is becoming an increasingly hot topic in blogs the world round, as Suri Cruz and Harper Seven Beckham are prepared for a future of fashion stardom. But as a mum, it's sometimes scary to see just how "sexed-up" and tarty some little girls clothes look. Not to mention totally impractical because little girls may like doing their hair and playing with nail varnish but they still love running around in the park, falling over on the grass and splashing in puddles !

Well, Next have got it just right. They say : "we believe in fun, practical fashion that is affordable and comfortable, which is why we created the Gatsby look for girls". It's pretty but not too grown up, feminine but still perfect for tomboys ! You can see the whole collection here but I've highlighted some key pieces below.

Girls can stay warm in this Mink Pretty Trim Parker (

Or be the belle of any birthday party in a Pink Velvet Dress (

I absolutely love the Faux Fur Shrug, Grey Tunic and Ditsy Tights Three Piece set ( And more importantly, so does 6-year-old Juliette who said she'd like to buy it.

We also both loved the pattern, colours and pretty detail on this fabulously funky Corsage Print Dress (, perfect for seeing in the autumn and convincing little girls that it really is time to put away the pretty summer dresses, because they're not warm enough any more, even with a cardigan and tights !

But Next don't forget us mums either – as they say, "after all the playing, parties and fun, how about pampering yourself with this luxurious and comfy Black Long Robe, perfect for chilly autumn evenings ( )?"

All I can say is it's certainly a GREAT Gatsby collection that little girls and their mums will definitely love !

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  1. How beautiful! I like everything!

  2. I understand what girls clothes is a hot topic, myself I buy too many clothes for my little girl, it's ridiculous....
    These clothes look amazing!

  3. These clothes look great, I agree some little girls clothes are so inappropriate, but these are just right

  4. Nice collection of kids wear! These are all stunning but the first one caught my attention.


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