Friday 23 September 2011

Patak's Korma Paste review

After reviewing Patak's Biryani Paste a few weeks ago (here), and finding it tasty but a bit spicier than we expected, given it's medium heat rating, we opted for a nice gentle mild Korma paste when we fancied a curry earlier in the week. I fried up some chopped chicken fillets and onions, then stirred in the paste and that was it, that's all that's needed, so even the most unconfident cook could knock up a quick and tasty meal in a matter of minutes.

As I was doing the "busy mum" version, I filled the empty glass jar with a bit of water (about a third of a jarful), shook it to get all the leftover bits of sauce in the bottom and stuck up the sides, stirred it into the curry and turned off the heat, while I went off to sort out the kids' bedtimes. This gives it time for the flavours to really infuse through the chicken and the added water means that it doesn't get too dry when you reheat it. If you're eating it as soon as it's cooked, you won't need the extra liquid though or it'll be too runny.

Hey presto, a tasty supper ready in minutes because we served it up with a sachet of Tilda white basmati microwaveable rice (see our review here and my giveaway to win a selection of Tilda products here just in time for National Curry Week, coming up next month). I didn't take the time to add extra ingredients this time but it's delicious with dessicated coconut (which the sauce does actually already contain anyway), diced apple and juicy raisins stirred through near the end of the cooking time too. This is also a great way of sneaking fruit into your kids' diet, if they like curry.

One jar is supposed to make 8 servings but we like a lot of sauce with our curry so we made a meal for two which we ate two days running. (The cold leftover chicken korma chopped up and mixed in with a spoonful of mayonnaise also makes a delicious sandwich filling or baked potato topping.) A 35g serving (so you'd need to double the figures for one of our servings) contains 76 calories, 5.9g of fat, 1.1g of salt and 3g of sugar. That's quite high but still better than a takeway !

For a quick meal with no effort, it's a great way to dish up a family-friendly curry in a hurry so it definitely gets a thumbs-up as a busy mum's timesaver.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.99

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  1. That looks delicious :)

  2. Great tip about adding the extra liquid if reheating

  3. pataks korma paste is my favourite. I do mine with about half a tin of coconut milk, which makes it creamy and also the children love it. It also makes it a bit milder too. Then right at the end I stir in a small spoon of mango chutney, just adds a bit of sweetness!!

  4. This sounds really yummy, we usually have take away curry but even I could do this :)

  5. Looks quite spicy need a balance between the spices and chicken flavour


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