Saturday 15 September 2012

We made a (Not) Revolting Recipe for Roald Dahl Day !

Having seen mention of a special competition in honour of Roald Dahl Day on the latest Blog Match newsletter, I clicked through to have a look and loved the idea. Over on their Facebook page, Rangemaster have come up with three iconic Revolting Recipes inspired by Roald Dahl stories - Bruce Bogtrotter's Cake from Matilda, Stickjaw for Talkative Parents from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory and Nutty Crunch Surprise, also from Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, which is what we decided to make.

3-year-old Pierre was the one who picked out which recipe we'd try.

But big sister Juliette's face shows that she wholeheartedly approved his decision ! 

The first job had them in hysterics because they had to bash the biscuits to bits with a big plastic/wooden spoon ! Who ever knew cooking could be so much fun ?!

Even bigger sister Sophie came to see what all the laughing was about and discovered that crushing blanched almonds is a great way of getting rid of frustration ! 

Pierre took his role as chief mixer extremely seriously !

He did such a fabulous job that he was even allowed to do the next bit and pressed the mixture into the tin ready to chill in the fridge.

When the bars had cooled and (hopefully) gone hard, I got the next bit ready - caramelised nuts and melted chocolate. 

Juliette was already salivating before the chocolate had even set. Pierre is looking on from the sidelines making sure her tongue doesn't sneakily pinch any chocolate before he gets a look in !

Slightly messier but still a pretty good show for a 3-year-old Mini Cook I think ! Now if only I could teach them to do the washing up too !

Juliette made me promise to point out that whatever the name of the competition says, these recipes are absolutely not revolting !

If you'd like to join in and try out the recipes, make sure you head over to the RangemasterUK Facebook page.

Disclosure : This is my entry for the Roald Dahl competition on the RangemasterUK facebook page but is not a sponsored post in any shape or form !

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  1. I will need to see if these are adaptable for our use and adapt and make? wonder if that will be allowed?

    1. Yeah, I'm sure they won't mind. Funnily enough, we used gluten-free biscuits in place of rich tea ones anyway !

  2. these look great! just seen the other recipes, Bruce Bogtrotter cake hehe that bit of the Matilda film always makes me feel ill.

  3. Looks like the kids had a great time. Turned out yummy looking!


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