Thursday 27 September 2012

WeightWatchers Jaffa Mini Rolls review

I always love it when I get a new hamper of goodies through from WeightWatchers because there are always a few products in there that I never would have expected in a million years to see in a weight-loss programme. Such as Jaffa Mini Rolls. Yes, really !

The Mini Rolls really look the business. I think they might be a bit smaller than regular chocolate mini rolls but they have luscious thick chocolate that makes it quite incredible that they only "cost" a measly 2 ProPoints each. For anyone not counting ProPoints, that relates to 77 calories, 9.1g of sugar, 2.9g of fat (of which 1.7g saturates) and 0.1g of salt.

I was slightly disappointed to see a big hole in the middle when I bit into it - I'd rather have a smaller roll than one with a big hole hidden in the middle because it always makes me feel as if the manufacturers are cheating you, trying to convince you you're buying something bigger than it really is. I did think afterwards that I was maybe being a bit unreasonable though because I don't bedrudge the holes in bagels or Polo mints ! The WeightWatchers mini rolls are also hand-rolled which could explain the hole - the next one I ate did seem to have a slightly smaller hole !

Even with the hole though, they're still a fantastically indulgent snack for a mere 2 ProPoints. The vanilla sponge is light and airy and the tangy orange filling really complements the sweetness of the chocolate taste. Incorporating one of these into your daily ProPoints allowance is a piece of cake (or should that be a Jaffa Mini Roll ?!) and the fact that they are individually wrapped means that they are ideal for popping in your handbag for when the munchies hit and you want to keep on track.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.30 for 5 rolls (95g)

Disclosure : I have been given a year's membership to Weight Watchers Online and receive monthly hampers of products in return for honest reviews. 


  1. I've often been tempted to try these but thought they probably wouldn't taste very nice. I will give them a try now, thanks for sharing

  2. I am of the same opinion as the above commenter but after this pregnancy I think I will have to start trying these too.

    1. Aww enjoy the rest of your pregnancy and don't xworry about those extra kilos for a while yet, plenty of time afterwards ! xx

  3. You are so lucky getting to test these yummy products, lol. I really fancy these and 2 ProPoints is great, it means I could have a couple!

  4. these look yummy! i must try some! x

  5. I will give them a try now, thanks for sharing


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