Saturday 22 September 2012

Our entry for the Fairtrade Big Fair Bake Challenge : Fruit & Nut Honeyed Banana Bread

As part of their year-long Take a Step campaign, Foodies 100 have challenged bloggers to  inspire the nation and cook for someone else with a Big Fair Bake. They explain : "Baking with Fairtrade ingredients is one easy way for everyone to make a difference to millions of people who desperately need a better deal from trade. Without a fair price for the crops they grow, many farmers struggle to support their families. Fairtrade offers farmers and workers the safety net of a fair price today and a little extra to invest in projects which benefit the whole community, such as clean water, education and health care." I'm all for making such a simple change that can help others without making my life any more complicated - it's a total no-brainer !

The challenge brief was to come up with a baking creation inspired by one or more of the following Faitrade certified ingredients :
  • Honey
  • Chocolate (or Cocoa Powder)
  • Raisins
  • Coffee
  • Bananas
  • Cinnamon
  • Apricots
  • Ginger
  • Brazil Nuts
Well, I had a look through the cupboards to see what fairtrade ingredients I had already and am ashamed to say, I couldn't find any - shame on me ! It was actually quite enlightening because there were some brands that I was sure were fairtrade but, in reality, aren't. Off to the shops to rectify that situation immediately !

The recipe that I wanted to make was a twist on my normal Banana Bread, transforming it into a slightly healthier option by replacing the sugar with honey. I decided to try to incorporate as many ingredients from the list as possible into the recipe (without being silly !). As I wanted to buy Fairtrade all the way, I used the handy "where to buy Fairtrade" page on the Fairtrade website. I've given you one suggested Fairtrade brand to make your shopping easier but there are many more out there.

Fruit & Nut Honeyed Banana Bread

  • 4 very ripe bananas, mashed (for example Sainsburys Fairtrade Basic Bananas)
  • 115g margarine, melted
  • 125g honey (for example Rowse Fairtrade Honey)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1 pot of yogurt
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 250g self-raising flour
  • 100g raisins (I discovered that Sainsburys even do funky flavoured Fairtrade raisins)
  • 100g dried apricots (for example Tropical Wholefoods Fairtrade Dried Apricots)
  • 100g brazil nuts, bashed with a rolling pin (for example Sainsburys Fairtrade Brazil Nuts)
  • a generous handful of porridge oats
  • a teaspoon of cinnamon (for example Bart Fairtrade Ground Cinnamon)
  • a sprinkle of Demerera sugar (for example Sainsburys Fairtrade Demerera Cane Sugar)

Mash the bananas in a large bowl. If cooking with a toddler, don't forget to remove the strips of peel first !

Add the melted margarine (my new labour-saving baking trick is to melt the butter or margarine in the microwave before adding it to the mix - it makes it so much easier to stir in to the dry ingredients!), honey and eggs. Beat well. 

Add the vanilla and yogurt. Continue beating until the mixture is smooth and well-blended. 

Sprinkle in the salt, cinnamon, oats and flour. Beat until everything is evenly combined. 

Mix in the raisins, dried apricots and brazil nuts.

Pour the mix into a greased 9 by 13-inch rectangular pan. Bake at 350° for about 45 minutes-1 hour. Remove from the oven when the top springs back when you lightly press on it with a clean finger and a knife stabbed into the centre comes out clean.. 

Leave to cool and sprinkle with Demerera sugar.

If you'd like to join in or see all the other recipes, head over to :

This is supposed to be a bake for someone else so I cut off a huge wedge to give to the old lady on the corner and, if I can keep the Madhouse Mini-testers off it, will be sharing the rest with my mum and dad tomorrow !

for more information about Fairtrade ingredients :

Disclosure : This is my entry for the Fairtrade Big Fair Bake Challenge.

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  1. must admit making cakes now I either use flora cuisine or rice bran oil, save a lot of hassle with creaming and tastes just as nice.

  2. Looks lovely - I hope you had some left over!

  3. this looks lovely & congratulations on your win! I've just noticed that it was a Foodie Foto Friday too! thanks x

  4. Ooooooh I didn't know I'd won so thanks for pointing it out to me - I'm just working my way through today's emails now. Brilliant news, that was a lovely prize too :)

  5. That sounds a really interesting recipe with the oats and other additions. Congratulations on your win.

  6. COngratulations on winning :-)


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